Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-How to obtain the Evil Spirit Armor

One of the hardest armor sets to locate in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the Evil Spirit Armor, which has each component buried underground and concealed by two tiers of labyrinth puzzles. The entire set has a unique quirk that makes bone weapons strike harder in addition to improving your stealth and providing some respectable protection boosts. Wearing this armor set is a fantastic method to make the most of these weapons before they break because they don’t last very long in the first place.

In Tears of the Kingdom, our guide identifies the locations of the Evil Spirit Greaves, Evil Spirit Mask, and Evil Spirit Armor, as well as offers tips on how to be ready for your quest. The one is lengthy.


Make sure you have enough stamina elixirs to last you through the sky labyrinths by packing at least five before you begin. Get the Travel Medallion and place it at the top of the labyrinth before you begin, just in case you have trouble following directions and get lost in the maze. Once you’ve used one of the ring keys, you may quickly return to the roof’s peak, go on to the next one, and repeat the procedure.

At the bottom of each labyrinth, a Flux Construct III monster is waiting for you. These have the same effects as weaker Flux Construct monsters, but if you don’t have a defensive boost active or haven’t improved your armor, you might easily lose seven or more hearts to their strikes.

You might want to bring along some additional bundles of wood and Hylian Pinecones as well. A pinecone thrown into a bonfire will produce a strong updraft that will make moving about the labyrinths easier.

Remember that while you cannot climb every wall in the sky labyrinths, you are able to do it by using the tiny ridges as a footing. It’s a practical technique to go to the top and find your bearings if you become disoriented.

Last but not least, even if you do not immediately solve the labyrinth riddle, I advise visiting the Lomei Labyrinth’s bottom in Akkala. The strong Gloom Club is dropped by the Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon, and you may reach it by using Ascend at the end of the neighboring beach cave.


The location of the Evil Spirit Greaves is hidden under North Lomei Labyrinth, which is in the extreme east of Hebra, where it was in Breath of the Wild. Since almost every path leads to the subsequent key gadget, this is one of the easier labyrinths to navigate. In fact, you can even complete the castle in the sky with just one stamina wheel.

We lead you through each step with our North Lomei Labyrinth guide. The labyrinth in the Depths is reachable by walking there, but the center is blocked off until you have solved the sky problems.

Once you’ve entered the Depths, make or consume a meal that increases your attack, then head towards the boss arena. But hold off before descending into it. Before the conflict begins, you can score critical strikes by shooting two bomb flower arrows or four if you have a dual-shot bow.

Handle the Construct and engage the ring device. It will then reveal the chest containing the Evil Spirit Grieves. This item improves your stealth and has a starting value of 4+ defense.


South Lomei Labyrinth in Gerudo Desert is where you may find the Evil Spirit Mask. Even if this one is a little tougher to navigate, our South Lomei Labyrinth tour will walk you through every section of the terrestrial and upward mazes.

Take a dive into the depths, take down Flux Construct III monster, and get your reward. Ascend through the roof to uncover a new lightroot, and don’t forget to look around the rest of the structure for more Zonai weaponry.

Along with improving your stealth, the Evil Spirit Mask offers a basic defense rating of +4.


North of Akkala’s Ancient Tech Lab is Lomei Labyrinth Island, where the Evil Spirit Armor component is located. You must initially follow the acorns to get to the maze’s center and turn on the ring gadget. Our Lomei Labyrinth Island guide will lead you through every phase of the maze.

Take off from the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower and slant your trajectory toward the labyrinth. Like the other two, you’ll finally touché down on a little island containing Zonai gadgets. To access the sky castle, use that gadget.

Your objective is to turn on the four ring devices as normal. The locations are noted below as well, although the mini-map depicts them as bigger beige squares with a single black line.

The quickest method to get to them is to descend from the labyrinth’s summit. Once all the devices have been activated, enter the Depths, destroy the Construct, and retrieve your reward.

The base defensive rating of the Evil Spirit Armor is +4, and it will increase your stealth. When you have the whole outfit on, all bone weapons have increased attack strength and you may blend in with Stalfos’ skeleton adversaries.

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