Will INJ reach $10 in the cryptocurrency market?

With the official integration of Notifi with Injective, dApps developed on Injective may now instantly alert and notify users. Now that ecosystem dApps may utilize Notifi to deliver product notifications to their consumers, new opportunities for creating user-friendly Web3 apps on Injective have opened up.

What is Injective Protocol?

The native utility token of Injective is INJ. On the PoS network, governance, token burn auctions, and staking all consume the limited resource INJ. The buy back and burn procedure used by Injective every week to sell off 60% of all fees collected from dApps makes the burn auctions there particularly interesting.

The amount of INJ therefore falls off quickly over time. The INJ burn auction stands out because it adds to the total worth of the Injective ecosystem. At the moment, Injective has the highest token burn ratio in the sector.

Injective and Notifi have partnered to provide Web3 Finance with user notifications

We all rely on notifications in our everyday lives. No matter if we’re using them for work or play, notifications keep us connected and informed. However, the majority of Web3 apps on the market today do not have this functionality, which further limits users’ capacity to register for and manage their activity.

Eric Chen, co-founder and CEO of Injective Labs said that in order to attract mainstream consumers to the Web3 space, proper alerting capability is a basic requirement today. Notifi will surely elevate the Injective ecosystem, and we are thrilled to be collaborating with them to support the expansion of their capabilities throughout the whole Cosmos.

With the integration of Notifi, dApps in the Injective ecosystem can now begin to offer superior product experiences that aren’t possible with cryptocurrencies. For instance, a dApp like Helix may alert users to crucial information such as transaction confirmations, liquidations, asset price movements, and much more.

This will expand the Web3 financial ecosystem while also enhancing user experience. Injective keeps pushing the boundaries and has the ability to completely transform the cryptocurrency market with its collaborations and integrations.

Notifi is the most recent example of Injective’s attempts to develop integrations that provide a significant road for mass adoption.

The entire Injective price prediction is seen in the video up top. For more bitcoin price forecasts, follow his YouTube channel. Additionally, Jacob Crypto Bury has a Discord channel where users can obtain trading advice and find out about forthcoming cryptocurrency presales. This channel has approximately 9,000 members.

Price Prediction for INJ

Injective’s price is $5.77 as of today, April 7th, with a $422.88 million 24-hour trading volume, a $421.27 million market cap, and a market domination of 0.04%. In the previous day, the price of INJ climbed by 9.31%. On April 30, 2021, when it was trading at an all-time high of $24.91, Injective attained its highest price.

The 200-day SMA for Injective is expected to rise over the next month and reach $3.26 by May 8th, according to our technical indicators. By May 8th, it is expected that the 50-Day SMA for Injectable would have risen to $6.32.

According to the Relative Strength Index (RSI) rating of 65.97, the INJ market is in a neutral state. The support levels for Injective are $4.66, $5.27, and $4.93 based on the current price of the traditional pivot point (P1), which is $5.53. In the same way, the degrees of injectable resistance are $5.88, $6.14, and $6.49.

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