What Is the Real Next PEPE If The ROBOPEPEPE Price Drops 90%?

Since its debut on June 14, the price of ROBOPEPE has been moving in unpredictable directions.

It demonstrated the high-risk, high-reward characteristics of the cryptocurrency market, especially meme coins, by beginning its adventure with a dramatic 6,034% increase inside the first 12 hours.

From June 15 to June 18, it saw an immediate 61% retracement to the $0.0009329 support level. On June 19, there was a brief reprieve, and the price of ROBOPEPE shot up by 177%. However, this was followed by intense selling pressure.

The most recent data shows that the ROBOPEPE price is currently under attack by bears, falling 90% today alone to $0.0001624.

Technical analysis and Price Forecast for ROBOPEPE

Technical indicators show a nuanced picture. The ROBOPEPE price is shown to be trading considerably below its 20 EMA ($0.0005580), 50 EMA ($0.0009744), and 100 EMA ($0.0012522) on the 1-hour charts.

The 20 EMA serves as an instant resistance level in this scenario, which denotes a strong bearish trend. This crucial milestone has remained unrecovered by the meme coin, bolstering the negative mood.

In the price range of $0.0001116 to $0.0001383, ROBOPEPE has found some short-term support.

However, if it dropped below this band, ROBOPEPE may go into a downward price discovery phase, which might result in more losses.

Resistance, on the other hand, is found at the 1-hour 20 EMA, which is now trading at $0.0005580. In order to indicate a change in trend, the price of ROBOPEPE would have to surpass this mark.

According to pool data from Uniswap V2, the 24-hour volume is $115.41K and the overall liquidity for ROBOPEPE is $42.31K.

800 million ROBOPEPEPE coins are in circulation overall, with a low market cap of $129.99K.

It’s critical for traders and investors to pay close attention to the technical indicators given today’s 90% loss so far. Any prospective purchasers should exercise cautious given the negative indicators.

The cryptocurrency market is already paying attention to $WSM, a new meme coin from Wall Street Memes, while ROBOPEPE suffers through its difficult launch.

A strong online network of retail investors supports this freshly created cryptocurrency, which has shown impressive growth during its presale.

Wall Street Memes’ Newest Chapter: The $WSM Presale

With the presale of its $WSM meme currency, Wall Street Memes, the thriving online investor community, has accomplished a significant milestone.

The presale has raised more money than $8.8 million after only three and a half weeks since it began, signalling a faster-growing daily fundraising rate.

Potential comparisons to other popular cryptocurrency phenomena like Pepe, Dogecoin, or Shiba Inu meme coins are made to encourage aspiring investors to act quickly.

With each $WSM coin costing $0.0298, the presale is currently at stage 17. The coin’s value is anticipated to reach $0.0337 when the presale is over.

This rise means that individuals who take part at this point could reap rewards.

Success with digital assets and effective community involvement

Wall Street Memes’ track record of success with digital asset releases that quickly sell out is one of its significant differentiators.

The Wall Street Bulls NFT collection launch, which brought in $2.5 million and sold out in only 32 minutes, was one example of this prowess.

In addition to its online popularity, Wall Street Memes has a thriving and large community that spans several social media sites and has more than one million members.

Wall Street Memes have a surprisingly large following, as seen by the attention famous people like Elon Musk have paid to them.

Analysts speculate that the sizeable Wall Street Memes community may help the $WSM coin gain a listing on prestigious cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.

Secret conversations with the main cryptocurrency exchanges are reportedly already under way, pointing to potential positive movements for $WSM.

With a spot on reputable exchanges, $WSM may anticipate a larger pool of prospective buyers and traders, thus improving trading volume and liquidity—factors that frequently favourably affect a token’s price.

The Wall Street Rebellion and $WSM

The 2021 movement, in which small-scale investors banded together to take on Wall Street, gave rise to Wall Street Memes.

The Melvin Capital hedge fund had to close because of the impact, even if institutional investors still held a sway in terms of overall dominance. In a sense, Wall Street Memes is tokenizing this movement.

Given how crucial social media and community participation are to the success of meme currencies, the strength and engagement around the $WSM project will probably continue to get a lot of attention. The demand for the token and, thus, its price, may very likely continue to rise due to this excitement.

As a result, many analysts believe that $WSM will have a bright future if it lists on exchanges.

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