Web3 Climate Project: A Revolution To its Recycle-to-Earn Ecosystem, Ecoterra welcomes major brands like Coca-Cola

The innovative web3 Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) platform ecoterra has welcomed a new group of well-known beverage companies into its ecosystem, including Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, and Evian, further enhancing the usefulness of the protocol’s environmental awareness.

Prior to recycling bottles via Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), users of the ecoterra application will be able to scan and recycle bottles from the aforementioned brands as well as a host more, such as Dr Pepper, and will be compensated with bitcoin for doing so.

The inclusion of more well-known companies into the ecoterra ecosystem is a significant boost for the award-winning initiative, which is at the forefront of web3’s campaign to promote ecologically beneficial habits.

According to the project’s Whitepaper, Ecoterra is constructing a $ECOTERRA-powered web3 ecosystem that will enable trade in recycled materials, promote recycling via a first-of-its-kind Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) system, and encourage people and companies to offset their carbon footprints.

In the next decades, as cryptocurrencies become more widely used, nascent green web3 initiatives like ecoterra are anticipated to become more significant contributors to international efforts to combat climate change. Therefore, it makes sense that ecoterra’s cryptocurrency presale, which is being held to raise money for the platform’s growth, has been a huge success.

Before the pre-sale sells out, investors pour money into Ecoterra because of its incredible potential

Ecoterra’s presale has collected a staggering $4.35 million in less than two months since its start. As the initiative acquires more support on social media, this pace is expected to pick up even more in the upcoming weeks.

The project’s Twitter account has 11.6K followers, and Ecoterra’s Discord channel has over 5,000 subscribers, so the signals are good on this front.

And if investors want to participate early in one of web3’s most promising green ventures, they have no time to waste.

That’s because the price of ecoterra’s native $ECOTERRA crypto token, which is issued as an ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain, will increase by 9% to $0.00925 from the current $0.0085 when the presale exceeds the $4.775 million level.

Later this year, $ECOTERRA will list on many major exchanges for $0.01, so investors who buy now might sit on paper gains of almost 17%.

Making money while preserving the environment is possible

By rewarding recycling, making it simpler to offset carbon emissions, and measuring environmental effect using the blockchain’s openness, blockchain technology has the unmatched potential to promote environmentally responsible behaviours.

And Ecoterra is developing a single application that accomplishes all three of these tasks as well as others.

Every time a user recycles, Ecoterra pays them with the platform’s own cryptocurrency token, $ECOTERRA.

Any nation that employs reverse vending machines (RVMs) is supported by the R2E software from the green web3 start-up, creating a sizable potential market.

The platform includes a marketplace for carbon offsets to make it simpler for people and companies to offset their carbon impact.

In order to facilitate the acquisition of recycled commodities by businesses using $ECOTERRA or other cryptocurrencies, Ecoterra now offers a marketplace for recycled materials.

In the meanwhile, ecoterra offers an Impact Trackable Profile that enables people and companies to monitor their environmental actions owing to the openness of the blockchain.

According to observers, this feature will be highly well-liked by environmentally concerned companies, who may utilize Impact Trackable Profile to improve their brand reputation and increase consumer loyalty.

The World-Changing Utility of $ECOTERRA

The $ECOTERRA has usefulness due to the fact that it powers the ecoterra platform

The development team at Ecoterra plans to introduce a staking protocol in the future, enabling holders of the ECOTERRA token to receive a passive income stream from their token holdings. This will provide investors another reason to keep the token in addition to the anticipated price increases on the open market.

The supply of $ECOTERRA is restricted to two billion, of which one billion (or 50%) will be made accessible to presale investors.

20% of the budget is set up for ecosystem liquidity, 10% for listings, 10% for marketing, and 5% for corporate adoption.

As just 5% of the project is allotted to the team, they will need to work diligently for a considerable amount of time to significantly increase the price of $ECOTERRA if they wish to profit significantly from it.

It’s understandable why experts are forecasting big things for the $ECOTERRA token given how crucial new green web3 initiatives like Ecoterra are likely to become in the decades to come to efforts to combat climate change on a global scale.

When $ECOTERRA releases across cryptocurrency exchanges later this year, according to well-known British presale analyst Jacob Crypto Bury, it might 10x in value.

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