Walmart, a retail giant, files new trademark applications to introduce metaverse games

The enormous retail industry Sam’s Club, a retail division of Walmart, has fresh trademark applications connected to the metaverse. The trademark will be used by the global value market chain to introduce virtual items such as metaverse games.

Retail Giant Walmart File Metaverse Patents

Accredited intellectual property lawyer Mike Kondoudis revealed that Walmart submitted two trademark applications to the USPTO on March 30, 2023, for the term « metaverse » in a blog post on April 4.

Walmart is a worldwide retail firm that was founded in 1962 and runs a chain of grocery shops, cheap department stores, and hypermarkets across the world, including in the United States. Currently, Walmart runs more than 10,500 locations in more than 20 nations.

The retail titan intends to trademark the Sam’s Club name and use it to market entertainment services including virtual reality games, augmented reality games, and online virtual reality settings, according to the information provided.

In addition, Walmart has expressed interest in releasing non-downloadable virtual products that can be used in a virtual environment, including jewelry, electronic appliances, furniture for the indoors and outdoors, home decor, toys, sporting goods, and other items.

Further Walmart NFT and Metaverse Ventures

Walmart has already expressed interest in funding the cryptocurrency market. Walmart submitted comparable trademark applications to the USPTO on January 31.

Using the information provided, the retail market chain planned to provide downloadable software for managing cryptocurrency portfolios, creating an electronic wallet, and authenticating and displaying NFTs in a virtual setting. Alibaba and Amazon are two other well-known online retailers that have made investments in the budding cryptocurrency industry.

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