These 12 Tools Make Task Management Simple

The effective coordination of your team and the quickening of project completion are both benefits of task management software.

Even when there is a backlog of projects or a shift in priorities, it enhances workflow and communication both internally and externally at the workplace.

It’s just that coordinating and arranging activities gets more difficult as your firm expands. In order to provide work on schedule, it needs effective collaboration between staff members, departments, and teams.

According to a study, poor communication causes 80% of all employees to spend over half of their entire workweek doing rework. According to the same study, 46% of business team leaders believe that meeting deadlines is their top challenge.

Fortunately, these problems may now be solved using project management software!

Additionally, the program may reportedly save employees 498 hours year, according to the research. Thus, you won’t have to deal with cluttered dashboards, dull spreadsheets, misplaceable sticky notes, challenging job prioritization, or seeking and sorting emails.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to a few of the top task management programs so you can take advantage of automation and manage projects successfully while maintaining excellent communication.

Let’s start looking now!

Before then, though,

Task management software – what is it?

For you and your team, task management software is a well-organized tool for work identification, distribution, administration, and supervision.

It has a simple dashboard where you can view all the important data, like the number of tasks at hand, their priorities, time tracking, and the due date for each one of them. It helps you avoid misunderstanding by allowing you to modify work schedules based on job availability.

Modern task managers give you a wide range of customization, integration, and capabilities so you can finish your assignment without being worn out.

Managing duties efficiently

Every day, you and your team can collaborate on a variety of initiatives. Project chores, social media updates, HR responsibilities, bills, bookkeeping, arranging meetings, and a long list of other things are included. Compared to using merely pen and paper or Excel sheets, it becomes significantly simpler.

Keeping track of due dates

Several projects often entail several deadlines, which can be confusing. However, task management software simplifies the process by clearly presenting deadlines next to each work on your dashboard. Additionally, you can manage all of the projects and subtasks and keep tabs on each person’s progress.

And don’t worry if you forget a deadline. Because many task management programs have built-in email reminders for due dates, you may take action while there is still time.

Optimal cooperation

You may invite your team members to act and navigate ideas with them in real-time. To kill time for your staff, a lengthy meeting is not necessary. Everything is possible with the software’s slick and clever solution.

So let’s look at our best task management tools right now.

With’s assistance, you may successfully manage all of your projects, from straightforward chores to intricate portfolio management. The resource allocation, project milestones, schedule, and risk management features of this task management application are in addition to all the fundamental ones.

Utilize the powerful Gantt Charts to see your projects and manage everything at every stage of the project lifecycle, including changing and controlling your dependencies, baseline, and milestones. Transform insights into practical actions and base business choices on data in real time.

Data from numerous projects and programs may be combined in a single display in a unique way. The most recent, real-time data enables you to assign resources and manage your workload in accordance with your current capability. Set up custom automation fast to get project progress updates, budget approvals, task management notifications, and other information.

Bring your team members together on a single platform, remove communication obstacles, and align them to advance your project more quickly. Adapt processes using techniques like Agile, Sprints, Waterfall, etc. to your project’s requirements.

A clear visual is also made possible by their user-friendly dashboards, which allow you to quickly see the state of the project. Powerful connections with products like Google Calendar, Microsoft Excel, Slack, Teams, Zoom, LinkedIn, and Zapier are supported by A 14-day FREE trial of this product is available at


Apply ClickUp’s feature-rich tool to personalize anything and handle your duties like a pro. You may quickly rectify problems and rearrange jobs in accordance with the needs of a new project. Real-time chat facilitates team collaboration and work allocation.

The smallest things that might assist you finish the project can be customized in ClickUp to make it adaptable dependent on your demands. ClickUp enables numerous assignees, prioritizes tasks, and allows you to construct processes and reproduce them anywhere you want.

Using a global timer included with tasks, you may use time tracking to stop and start time. View your assignment in a variety of formats, including list view, board view, calendar view, box view, Gantt view, form view, embed view, activity view, a map view, table view, timeline, mind maps, as a doc, chat, or workload.

To open shortcut menus, change formatting choices, embed or attach files, and other useful adjustments, use slash commands. You may develop processes and events using the reusable task templates that you receive.

Other capabilities include managing recurring tasks, filtering, searching, and sorting tasks; a multi-task toolbar; a specified hierarchy; task trays; drag-and-drop rendering; task mentions; and subtasks, checklists, bulk rescheduling; managing portfolios; managing epics; and support for webhooks.

For the past year, ClickUp has demonstrated exceptional availability of up to 99.99% and provides top-notch privacy and security. With applications like Toggle, Chrome, Google Drive, GitHub, Zapier, Calendly, Salesforce, Slack, Intercom, and others, it enables a whopping 1000+ connections.


Wrike, a task management tool that 2.3 million+ users trust globally, can help you deliver projects on time and streamline your burden. With personalized procedures and viewpoints, divide tasks into digestible, little pieces.

To arrange all project data, changes, and selections, enable real-time collaboration in a common area. By providing thorough reports and project visibility to the whole team, including your customer, status meetings may be avoided. Create customized to-do lists on the dashboard and have tasks sorted by priority and due date automatically.

When employing automation to increase delivery rates, set deadlines, track progress, and go through specifics. Utilizing personalized request forms and labeling the team members you require for modifications, inquiries, or in-context requests will reduce administrative work.

Using in-app collaboration capabilities, you can send fewer emails and communicate back and forth about the same thing. Without the need to compose lengthy emails, it is possible to plan initiatives, specify deliverables, and reach better conclusions.

Whether you select Agile or waterfall, Wrike can rapidly adjust to your needs so that you can see tasks clearly in a variety of forms, including Gantt charts, calendars, Kanban boards, etc. By using built-in proofing tools, the project review process may be sped up by receiving full-context input, ensuring that customers get the most recent file versions, facilitating easy discussion of modifications, and resolving issues as they arise.

Create personalized reports with insightful data that you can share and export in a matter of minutes using a template or from scratch. Additionally, you may analyze each team member’s performance and growth separately from the group as a whole.

Link Wrike to the applications you already use, including Gmail, Teams, Slack, SAP, Box, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, and many others.


Miro is a collaborative online whiteboard with over 1,000 designs, including mind maps, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, product wireframes, research boards, and flowcharts. 99% of the Fortune 100 trust it, and teams at TransUnion, HP, Upwork, Cisco, Qlik, and Atkins utilize it. The visual platform from Miro is designed for hybrid work and provides many of tools for ongoing education, including Miro Academy, online conferences, and a community forum.

For remote project management teams, Miro offers a shared visual workspace with interactive displays, video conferencing, and support for work on mobile devices (Android and iOS). To decide how your team should visualize each project, you may select from a collection of pre-made project templates. You may get started with a free trial of Miro or a $8 monthly membership.


The best players in all sectors make use of the task management software called Smartsheet. Everything is included on a single dashboard for easy planning and collaboration thanks to its project management interface.

Work automation, which enables you to define triggers to automate tedious processes, powers this tool. Additionally, you may see everything in Gantt, kanban board, card, and grid formats to acquire the key signals in your chosen manner.

It also has real-time reporting capabilities, which provide crucial insights for course changes as needed.

Smartsheet may be integrated with any existing business software you may be using, including Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Slack, and others.

More than 90% of Fortune 100 businesses choose this task management solution, which you can test out for free for 30 days.


Use Teamwork to create tasks with unparalleled granularity and customisation based on your aim. It provides complete visibility, enabling you to identify bottlenecks and remove them from your scheduled and delegated activities.

Manage your tasks by assigning them appropriately, adding tags, estimating their completion times, and establishing due dates. Visualize the time your team spends on various tasks, view item lists, and make strategic estimating decisions. To decrease administrative burden and scale management best practices, use templates to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflow.

They provide several templates that can speed up work, save you time, and enhance procedures. To improve business partnerships, these templates are for managing projects and tasks as well as onboarding new clients.

Exceptional customer service, hosting across North America, Australia, and Europe, as well as mobile apps that let you work from anywhere, are all provided by Teamwork. To secure your data, they uphold strict security guidelines. HubSpot, Dropbox, QuickBooks, Zapier, Xero, Google Drive, Slack, and more are among the services it interacts with.


Using Paymo, you can reliably finish jobs on schedule and work on several tasks at once. It is beneficial to organize assignments with important information, work well with your team, and track job progress with ease.

Organizes the work into groups and quickly assigns them to team members. If you are a manager, keep a broad perspective of your tasks and those of your employees. Give various jobs a priority status, such as low, normal, high, or critical, and go on with the work effectively to finish it by the deadlines.

In real-time discussion with peers, Paymo offers a Detailed Task View. You have control over who will be notified when there are updates. Include files from your PC or Google Drive in your project by attaching them there. Additionally, you may download and preview files right in the browser.

You may select the appropriate view type for your project from those offered by Paymo, including Kanban Board, Simple, Gantt Chart, Calendar, and Table. To further customize the task view, you may apply advanced filters. Identify significant accomplishments throughout the project lifetime by creating and adding milestones to your task list.

Create alerts that will send you an email as the deadline for a task approaches so that you never miss it. Instead than starting from scratch, create templates for projects or tasks that you do frequently. Projects with certain elements can also be duplicated.


If you have Asana on your side, managing tasks and monitoring them becomes simple. By assigning tasks to team members and establishing deadlines, it helps you manage everything from the start and guarantee that your projects are finished on time.

The application enables you to set work priorities so that everyone in your team is aware of which jobs must be finished first. Your team will be able to plan things out while working effectively and efficiently. Asana enhances teamwork by allowing teammates to access crucial information whenever they need it by allowing them to share files, ideas, comments, etc. You receive remarkable features, such as perspectives for several jobs like:

  • List view to visualize tasks in a list and consolidate information in one location
  • Use the boards view to arrange your work on a board like sticky notes so you can move swiftly through the various phases.
  • You may rapidly make modifications by using the calendar view to identify overlaps and gaps in your work plan.
  • Timeline view allows you to see how different tasks relate to one another and keep track of them even if your plans change.

Sending limitless messages, activity logs, file storage with 100 MB per file, collaboration with a maximum of 15 participants, displaying assignee & due dates, project short and summary, time-tracking integrations, and more than 100 connectors with your regular applications are among the other skills.

You can manage tasks from wherever you are and make rapid adjustments in real-time thanks to Asana’s mobile app, which is also available on the App Store and Google Play. Asana has an unlimited, free base price.

For additional features like nimble dashboards, custom fields, sophisticated reporting and search, limitless collaborators, forms, rules, admin panel, milestones, and more, their subscription plans begin at $10.99 (when billed yearly).


Notion is without a doubt one of the best task managers on our list. It makes it easier for you to coordinate easily with your team while planning, carrying out, and tracking all of your tasks in one location. To prevent confusion, keep your team on the same page using a shared project roadmap.

Additionally, you may have tasks recorded in a database and discuss ideas as you have them, which speeds up project execution. Notion gives you complete customization options so you can design and add database characteristics to create an effective process.

Data may be seen in a variety of ways, such as a board, calendar, table, or by property filtering. Put all of your work in one package, with a page for each component. It will give each activity a blank slate, and you can even make a page inside a page to keep all of the connected activities in one location.

Projects should have meaningful information, more databases should be created, subtasks should be tracked, filters should be added to the task view, and projects should be readily switchable. Regardless of where or what time zone they are in, start discussions, post comments, and ask coworkers to progress the job.

Notion makes it possible for you to collaborate in real time while working on the same project as other team members. They alert you when a project is mentioned or discussed so you can swiftly reply to your team and avoid wasting time in meetings or status checks.

Start using Notion, which is accessible as a desktop program, online app, and app for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. With SSL encryption, a VPC, and a quarterly security audit, it is 100% cloud-based and completely safe and secure. To further assist you in managing user access at scale, it now incorporates SAML single sign-on in their Enterprise plan.


With the help of Todoist, you can increase your trust that all of your tasks are moving along as they should and finishing on time. View your projects clearly and keep tabs on every action to maintain easy management and avoid missing updates.

Use « quick add » to add tasks quickly, categorize them, and remember due dates with repeating due dates. Prioritize activities, choose what to accomplish next, divide larger jobs into smaller ones, add favorites to help you remember important projects, filters, or labels so that you can concentrate on the correct things.

To divide your burden, assign tasks, make important information visible to everyone through comments, and keep an eye on changes. Set attainable objectives for yourself every day or every week, and track your productivity patterns. Todoist Karma, a feature of the program, rewards you with points as you finish tasks and maintain streaks. You can also use the tool to illustrate progress using vibrant graphs.

Drag and drop tasks to whatever location you choose to organize projects with basic or detailed layouts. You may rapidly create a product roadmap, meeting agenda, weekly examination. etc. with the help of Todoist’s lovely templates.

Integrate Todoist with your other applications so you can centrally arrange everything and avoid switching between them. It may be integrated with more than 10 programs and plugins, such as Dropbox, Alexa, Google Calendar, and others.


1M+ teams of various sizes used Trello, a well-known task management program, to organize their projects, collaborate, and boost productivity. It functions in a distinctive way to satisfy demands from both small businesses and people. To distinguish between the two, start using a Trello board, cards, and lists.

As cooperation progresses, tasks may be expanded and modified with new features. Trello provides simple tools for events, meetings, projects, and goal-setting. The Trello board reveals data, allows you to assign tasks, set deadlines, and includes calendars, productivity indicators, and different perspectives.

To organize tasks, keep track of them, and share them with coworkers, use Trello cards. Checklists, attachments, deadlines, chats, etc. may all be found by opening a card. With Trello, which has a « Butler » tool to cut down on time-consuming activities or clicks, you can concentrate on the things that matter while letting automation handle the rest.

It gives you access to no-code automation using Natural Language Processing (NLP) instructions. Trello may be customized to meet unique requirements by integrating with other programs like Confluence, Dropbox, Evernote, Slack, Google Drive, and others. on use Trello at any time, download the app on your iOS or Android phone.

nTask Manager

Companies often search for a tool to assess, plan, collaborate, and manage daily activities while looking at project management software. So along comes nTask Manager, a well-known and effective project management tool. The team’s project planning could be made simpler, and dependencies between tasks, resource management, financial summaries, project planning, and deliverables could all be streamlined.

Numerous features, including meeting management, problem tracking, a to-do list, timesheets, risk management, and a Kanban board, are included in nTask Manager. Furthermore, for project success, one may combine the tool with their preferred apps.

There are several features in nTask Manager, including:

  • Financial and Budgeting Summary
  • Project Management
  • Setting a goal
  • Resource Distribution
  • Assign tasks to linked projects.
  • Pre-Build Templates for Boards
  • Personal Statuses
  • Countless Kanban boards
  • Add comments and documents
  • Numerous Assignees
  • Task Status and Priority
  • Choosing the Actual Due and the Planned Dates
  • Advancement Line
  • Dependent tasks
  • Establishing Subtasks

Managing work and staying focused is easier and more effective with nTask. Using the program, one may also improve decision-making skills by adding tasks and defining dependencies. The purpose is to increase team communication, preserve responsibility, and provide transparency among the team members.

The application is excellent for monitoring the amount of time spent on activities and producing timesheet reports. It includes a timer that runs automatically, allows manual time entering, allows timesheet submission and approval or withdrawal. Users may also follow up on choices or actions, sync meetings with the calendar, get updates on recurring meetings, and talk about agendas or notes.


Task management systems have made it much simpler to handle projects. In order to create tasks, assign them to team members, monitor their progress, cooperate successfully, and get insights, please select any of them.

Using the program, you would no doubt finish more tasks on schedule and with excellent output.

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