The Top 10 Work OS Programs for Remote Businesses

Since Work OS software provides a full perspective of your organizational procedures, projects, and personnel, it may be quite helpful for remote organizations. It also fosters cooperation, productivity, and a flourishing culture of remote work.

You could be asking yourself, « Why do I need more software when I already have project management software, task management software, and other productivity tools? »

They’re good, but an OS for a professional computer can serve all your needs. You don’t have to spend money on separate applications for various demands because it can provide all these skills.

Additionally, work OS is fantastic for your remote staff to support efficient business operations. And at this point, everyone on earth is aware of the significance that the pandemic’s effects have had on distant work culture. It’s also one of the factors contributing to the dramatic increase in the use of business operating systems.

Let’s learn more about the work OS software and how it may benefit your company.

Work OS: What is it?

A work operating system (OS) is a piece of software that enables organizations and teams to design unique workflows for managing projects, keeping track of tasks, carrying out procedures, and doing other things more effectively. By carefully visualizing every aspect, you may also plan, supervise, and keep tabs on everything, from daily work to annual goals.

A dashboard included with the Work OS software enables you to get a 360-degree overview of your workers’ processes, whether they are working remotely or in person. Now that having a remote workforce is the norm, it is becoming more widely accepted.

Because emergencies can happen at any time—like in 2020 when the pandemic struck and offices were closed while work was done remotely—a work OS solution should ideally be cloud-based so that employees can access it from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Project management software and Work OS differ from one another

Many people mistakenly believe that work OS and project management software are interchangeable. Although they are similar, they are not.

Software for project management provides tools for organizing, managing, and tracking activities as well as for accurately tracking project progress. It focuses on simplifying organizational tasks to ensure that they are finished effectively and on schedule without sacrificing the caliber of outputs.

Work OS software, on the other hand, goes farther. It serves as a primary center for organizing, planning, tracking, and evaluating all important business operations and activities.

By facilitating efficient workflow, personnel and task management, crystal-clear visualization of each action, and other procedures, this is all you need to run your business remotely. It has the potential to take the place of other tools like productivity software, to-do lists, etc. if it is implemented effectively.

Advantages of work OS

Work OS software is beneficial in a variety of ways, including:

One source of reference

A single point of reference provided by Work OS software allows you to monitor all of your company’s operations. To conveniently see and monitor particular, high-priority activities and learn more about your whole company as well as specific customers, use the Task Manager. By comprehending the problems and offering specialized fixations, it will assist you in getting rid of obstacles at both levels.

An alternative to several tools

An effective work OS software may be able to take the place of all other tools you now use in your company to manage tasks, employees, projects, and other related tasks.

It may be replaced by tedious, time-consuming spreadsheets, to-do lists, alarms, productivity tools, project management software, and other things.

All of these requirements may be met by one single work OS software, sparing your staff from complications. Additionally, since this one software solution may meet all of your demands, it saves time and money spent on purchasing other software solutions.

A larger audience

Working remotely from any location is made possible with the aid of cloud-based work OS software for you and your staff. Considering that they are cross-platform compatible, they may access it from any device.

There would also be no inefficiencies caused by different time zones for everyone in the team. By keeping track of personnel schedules and hours, the program will assist you in managing it effectively. Everything can be smoothly arranged, all remotely, whether it’s work allocation, monitoring, or meeting scheduling.

Effortless cooperation

The use of work OS software facilitates effective teamwork. Online task management tools allow team leaders to easily assign work, monitor their progress, and check for duplication.

Additionally, you can easily upload, modify, and distribute files as well as set access restrictions. Additionally, you may add notes and comments to papers that can be seen by anybody with access, enabling accountable staff members to respond immediately.

Improved effectiveness

Employees won’t have any problem receiving assignments, collecting feedback, or tracking progress if tasks, projects, and processes are simplified. They can keep in sync by viewing everything on a single dashboard. This not only improves their productivity but also fosters a culture of transparency and mutual respect among all employees.

Do you wish to use the aforementioned advantages? Try using work OS programs like those listed below.

Try to plan, organize, and track practically everything in one location if you’re seeking for a visual platform, or you might say a Work OS, that could handle everything. You can quickly design your perfect workflow because to its simplicity and intuitiveness.

Based on your needs, select one of more than 200 pre-built templates. Your team members may immediately participate in tasks using’s visual interface without prior training. Your groups, changes, items, and sub-items are synchronised as the workflow is being designed so that everything remains in the context of your project, process, workflow, etc.

Additionally, status buttons that display the team’s current work will be available. With, it’s simple to update everyone on the team and stay informed of what’s happening. To reduce processing time, organize, and manage all the moving parts, link boards together and add files.

You may change the data you want to display from complicated and colorful to muted and necessary by using the Calendar, Gantt, form, map, workload, main views, and Kanban. Wherever you are, use the mobile app to quickly and effectively connect with your team members and exchange files, photographs, updates, and comments.

To avoid human mistake and concentrate on the job that counts, hand off your everyday responsibilities to the robots. Integrate any tool you use regularly with to experience the difference. It is utilized in many businesses since it is crucial to maintain security. To control who has access to what, communicate the appropriate information with the right person, and safeguard your sensitive data, you may also configure permissions.

If you’re using it for two people, switch to an individual membership to gain unlimited access to documents, message boards, and more. Manage the work of your whole team for just $8 per seat every month.


Notion is a flexible workspace that enables you to work however you choose; one workspace for each team. You may collaborate on a single workspace by connecting your documents, projects, and teams. Your everyday work will continue to flow side by side without you ever losing context.

To create the dashboards, systems, documents, etc., you require, you will have a drag and drop capability. Notion can also find rapid solutions to your challenging problems. Additionally, it provides thousands of free, pre-built templates to finish your setup.

Get infinite blocks and pages with Notion at no cost. Try a premium plan beginning at $4/month and sign up for a free trial if you need more.


Utilize Wrike’s job management software to advance your objectives and fuel the contemporary, agile business. Give teams the tools they need to work together across departments and with 360-degree visibility.

Custom dashboards let you completely alter Wrike. Workflows to automate and simplify certain procedures. Stop working the way you used to, which included a lot of meetings that weren’t necessary, a lot of check-ins, and email threads with notifications, comments, dynamic reports, live editing, and other features.

Anytime you wish, you may share information with the stakeholders. With Wrike, you can complete more projects more quickly and can zoom in for a comprehensive view of your portfolio’s contents or out for a more detailed look at specific jobs. You have total control over the data since it offers security that is at the corporate level.

It is free for startups and has enough capabilities for task management. Rapidly expanding teams can select a plan beginning at $9.80/user/month.


Use ClickUp to consolidate your work into a single platform that you can manage and collaborate on from anywhere. It enables you to keep track of what everyone is doing, make plans, and evaluate work that has previously been done.

The technology allows remote teams to coordinate work across the globe and centralize all action-based communications.

Using the application, you can efficiently discuss the procedures with your team and set them in plain terms. It enables you to assess and specify quantifiable goals, which guarantees that everyone is on the same page. Create reminders to see the urgent chores and to obtain a clear perspective of the job so that you can check the progress and never miss a notification.

Select the views your team requires, and filter the workflow to stay on schedule. The timetable may also be readily modified so that your team understands where to begin and what to work on next. For virtual management, you can also view who is online, what they are working on, and what they are doing.

Charts may be used to track backlogs and sprints to remain on top of things. Keep all important project and task-related communications, including emojis, links, attachments, and more, in one location.

To determine what has to be done first, assign priority to the tasks and put them into a list. Integrate with the more than a thousand tools that your company is already using. ClickUp takes privacy and security seriously and promises a 99.99% uptime rate.

Its free plan offers 100 MB storage, real-time chat, email in ClickUp, Kanban boards, and more along with unlimited members and tasks. Alternately, you may start with $5 per member per month and manage more.


Businesses looking to improve their work management should give the SmartSuite platform some thought. With its adaptable features and ability to interact with other programs, businesses may manage their work more successfully and effectively.

The adaptable SmartSuite platform focuses on modest to considerable large company needs to run the organization.

It offers a comprehensive set of management tools for today’s entrepreneurs, including project management, CRM, inventory, and accounting. Sales, marketing, human resources, product development, and design are just a few of the areas that may be readily managed across the whole organization.

It provides an extensive web-based workplace that benefits distant teams. It is simple to keep everyone on the job and manage workloads thanks to the platform, which can track tasks, manage calendars, and communicate.

With the help of the SmartSuite Platform to Manage Work, business owners may boost efficiency and organization while also increasing their bottom line.

Key Elements
  • Automating routine duties
  • The integration of over 2000 third-party technologies is possible
  • Ability to manage any size project and keep track of every part of operations from a single dashboard
  • Simple dashboard for compliance, risk, and governance management
  • You may examine projects in various phases using the Kanban view
  • Real-time project progress updates through notification
  • May examine data using a variety of visualizations

The SmartSuite Platform controls your work at every stage of its development. Utilizing the multipurpose platform, organizations can manage their teams, projects, and tasks with ease.

Businesses of all sizes may examine the complete project lifecycle thanks to an intuitive user interface. The program is available for a 14-day free trial. The four price ranges are Free, Team, Professional, and Enterprise.


Smartsheet provides a flexible workplace to advance your company. Global team alignment, scaling or building business-driven solutions, enabling IT to uphold compliance, and platform risk management are all made possible by it. It enables you to manage projects, create new solutions, and automate operations while supporting IT security requirements with no-code tools.

Connect Smartsheet to the current ecosystem to align all of your company’s members from a single source. Gain visibility into every process to make sure you’re providing the highest ROI. By organizing all of your marketing tasks into one customizable platform, you can manage complicated projects, restructure workflows, and meet deadlines.

In order to produce top-notch and innovative work, Smartsheet also helps you plan, keep track of the team’s priorities, and manage resources. You can concentrate on your work rather than getting mired down in meetings and endless emails thanks to the integration of Adobe Creative Cloud and simplified proofreading.

Give your team the tools they need to manage their workload, including limitless sheets, real-time communication, and process automation. Try out Smartsheet Work OS for free to see how handy it is.

With Smartsheet, you can fly for just $7 per user per month.


On your major Asana ideas, work more intelligently rather than more laboriously. Asana lets you organize your work so that your teams can understand what to do, why to start early, what to do next, and how to complete it in a timely manner. It can be used for minor tasks as well as for huge environments.

Choose the project view you choose from the available options, bring the team’s work into a single shared place, and communicate with your colleagues while working from anywhere. Additionally, give duties to your team and arrange them so they are aware of the importance and necessity of the project.

Manage overlapping, interdependent, and unscheduled duties to produce the ideal plan for the members. To get greater outcomes, let Asana handle the repetitious labor so that your team may concentrate more on assignments. Bring the tools your team needs for collaboration, communication, and task coordination from more than 200 integration possibilities.

Create processes that are best for you, from creative development to everything in between, for delivering the job. Keep an eye on the team’s workload and development, obtain visual highlights and real-time charts to detect issues, discuss status, and keep the task on track. You are given the authority you require to direct and coordinate the workflow.

Use Asana for nothing to access an infinite number of projects, tasks, messages, activity logs, and other things. Choose a premium plan beginning at $10.99 per user per month for extra features.


For working remotely, Basecamp provides the complete solution. So that you may concentrate more on your job, organizing everything in one location is now simple.

It might be challenging to search information from file services, emails, spreadsheets, meetings, chats, and task management; Basecamp makes it simpler by always maintaining the correct information in its proper location.

Give your staff access to the Work OS on Android, iOS, and the web from anywhere, providing a contemporary working environment. You will find a discussion board, to-do lists, documents, files, a timetable, group chat, automated check-ins, and more inside each project. You can enhance workflow and productivity as a result.

Basecamp also provides you with a ton of tools that you may rename. Tools that you won’t be using for the project should be turned off. To manage everyone’s working hours, examine the status of each project, and customize tools like a time tracker, etc., you may connect them.

Start your 30-day free trial and get all the features you want for only $99/month. Basecamp offers a restricted free plan for small businesses that includes three projects, 1GB of storage, and up to 20 members.

Google Workspace

For teams of all sizes to develop, interact, and connect inside businesses to accomplish the company’s goals, get Google Workspace, an innovative and adaptable solution. It provides collaboration and productivity tools for your job and keeps you up to speed on current affairs and breaking news.

Up to 250 people can attend meetings that you can arrange from anywhere. Additionally, you and your team may update documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time while keeping track of changes in the past. Create a group calendar, arrange files, and start group conversations to keep the entire team informed.

Because Google Workspace is aware of your company’s security needs, it operates in the cloud. Additionally, it gives administrators enterprise-level control over application and system configuration parameters. Everything you want for asset protection, optimizing the authentication procedure, and operational control is provided on the dashboard.


For your teams, Airtable serves as a single source of truth with many solutions. It provides your team the comfort of spreadsheets and the sturdiness of a database. It develops alongside your team as you build a more capable and sophisticated solution.

Make better results and work more efficiently by using it. To make your work a little bit more exciting, you will receive lovely templates to select from. Additionally, simplify your tasks with crucial integrations and create clear views for your data to enable easy comprehension by your team. You can visualize the individual parts of the ongoing work and keep track of events, projects, resources, etc., on the timeline.

With a Kanban view, you may speed up your management process and track stakeholders, progress, and more deliverables in a user interface that can be changed. The management of multi-step projects may also be accomplished by mapping out task dependencies, activities, and milestones.

In addition to calendar and grid views, Airtable also provides gallery and form views. By automating time-saving procedures, it may also help your staff respond to tasks more quickly. To meet the reporting needs of the team, you may make graphs, top-line metrics, and charts.

Small teams may use Airtable’s free plan, which offers limitless bases, 1200 records per base, 2GB of attachment space per base, gallery, form, Kanban, grid, and calendar views. If you have a growing staff, choose the plus plan for only $10 per seat/month.


The future and reality of work are done remotely. And because of this, a variety of software programs, like Work OS software, are becoming available to help firms run effectively while operating remotely. Choose one of the work OS programs above, and your remote workers will profit from it.

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