The Ethereum Archive Node service ends, announcing its success

An Ethereum mainnet archive node service,, declares the experiment a success and warns that it will soon shut down. On April 4, stated that it was « sunsetting » its services after more than three years of providing developers, students, and researchers with free Ethereum mainnet archive node services. has ceased operations after three years of providing archived Ethereum blockchain node data

The term « Ethereum Archive Node » refers to a specific instance of an Ethereum client configured to produce an archive of all prior states. This type of node is a useful resource for accessing old blockchain data that is unreachable on full nodes.

« While we are grateful for everyone’s support over the years, ArchiveNode must now put its hat in the ring and bid adieu. This is a bright conclusion rather than a depressing one because we are closing down because we are no longer required.« 

In addition, Archive Nodes can theoretically be built from scratch as they are not required to participate in block validation, although they do require a significant amount extra storage capacity.

The project’s creator, « DeFi Guy, » made the announcement and said that it was ending because « we succeeded » and « other solutions exist today that did not exist when we got started. » He went on to claim that there were no operational Archive Nodes when the effort first started. Only those who paid Ethereum infrastructure provider Infura $250 per month could access archived data.

“Get archive data into the hands of developers, students, and researchers who wanted to make awesome shit, but didn’t have the time, money, or resources available to host their own archive node,” was the project’s stated purpose. He said it was never intended for the effort to “earn money or profit.”

The competitive remote procedure call (RPC) provider market that offers access to historical data, he argued, has rendered the concept outdated.

For the initiative’s debut, the Ethereum Foundation was given $10,000 in Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits, which graciously welcomed. More than two-thirds of all Ethereum nodes are run by fewer than three centralized cloud service providers. AWS was utilized to host more than half of all nodes, according to information that was accessible at the time.

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