TateGPT, Ribbit, Genslr, and DexTools are the most trending meme coins to purchase right now

Due to two big players, Bitcoin and Ethereum, struggling to hold onto their support levels in the face of prospective downtrends, the cryptocurrency market is now unclear.

Data on inflation and the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates will both have an effect on the cryptocurrency market in the upcoming week.

As the SEC has until June 13 to make the Hinman documents public, which will establish whether Ethereum is a security, the Ripple-SEC battle is of special significance.

The market for alternative cryptocurrencies, which the SEC considers to be securities, might be significantly impacted by this judgment.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum saw declines during the past week. Bitcoin failed to hold onto its $26,500 support level and fell to $25,300.

Bitcoin must maintain this price level in order to prevent future losses, and massive purchasing might change the public’s opinion.

A rebound in altcoin prices may also be helpful; a significant milestone would be for Bitcoin to hit $26,500.

After experiencing price compression last week, Ethereum too saw a bearish breakout, although it was able to maintain the $1,800 support level before falling to $1,750 over the weekend. Its prognosis is still bleak, and until it gains ground above $1,845, there is a chance of further selling pressure.

Despite a slowdown in the overall cryptocurrency market, the meme coin industry is expanding, and some of today’s top gainers are from this sector.

Consider looking more closely at some of the top trending meme coins, like TateGPT, Ribbit, Genslr, and DexTools, if you’re looking to investigate new investment options in this industry.

TateGPT by Andrew Tate

Tate GPT (TATEGPT), a meme coin, soon became popular among well-known cryptocurrency competitors when it was released on Uniswap.

Due to the coin’s connection to controversial character Andrew Tate, rumours have circulated that he may be the brainchild behind this interesting endeavour. Tate was a former world champion in kickboxing.

Even while information is limited, this intrigue heightens interest in this recent addition to the crypto community.

The TATEGPT website, which adds a philosophical aspect to the mix, offers a collection of Andrew Tate’s most popular quotations.

These quotations express themes of ambition, power, and the desire for financial independence, which may reveal the inspiration behind the coin’s creation.

One of the quotes depicts future achievement. It encourages readers to picture their objectives and experience the pleasure of success.

It implies freedom not constrained by the trade of time for money, a notion that is consistent with the fundamental idea of cryptocurrencies themselves.

The TATEGPT token’s possible utility is even more intriguing in light of Tate’s past.

There is rumour that TATEGPT may be tailored to Tate’s commercial endeavours, providing insights and advice on how to succeed financially, although this has not been confirmed.

The TATEGPT cryptocurrency had approximately 989 transactions in its first hours on the market, indicating a noticeable increase in demand.

With a 24-hour trading volume of approximately $3.02 million as a result of this enthusiasm, its market capitalization increased over $1.15 million and established total liquidity of $1.17 million.

The capacity of TATEGPT to sustain this momentum will significantly influence the course of the organization going forward.

Performance of the Ribbit Market: A Closer Look at Liquidity and Trading Volume

Ribbit has $513.83K in total liquidity as of this writing, with $325.43K in 24-hour trading volume. WETH and RIBBIT, when aggregated, are worth 148.26 and 25636.21B, respectively.

Ribbit’s entire market cap is the same as its current market cap, $4.22M, with a circulating supply of 420690.00B RIBBIT.

As of right now, Ribbit is down 8.78% on the day, trading at $0.000000001004.

The Fib 0.382 level, which is present at $0.000000001227, presents instant resistance to Ribbit.

The cryptocurrency may find it difficult to overcome this price point in the near future. If the price is able to overcome this barrier, it may indicate the possibility of more upward momentum.

At the Fib 0.5 level, or $0.00000001035, Ribbit’s immediate support may be located.

Investors should pay special attention to this level since a closing below it might make it the next level of resistance.

Such a situation might result in additional selling pressure on the cryptocurrency, making a recovery more difficult.

Investors should closely monitor the Fibonacci retracement analysis’ key barrier and support levels as the market responds to this downward trend.

Meme Coin Mania: The Impressive Growth and Recent Decline of Genslr

Genslr, one of the last week’s most well-liked meme coins, has undergone a remarkable 107% upward rise over the previous two days.

The meme coin’s price, which is now down 10.23% at $0.0000000000006813, appears to be retracing its steps today.

The overall liquidity for Genslr is $489.74K, with a $1.36M 24-hour trading volume. While the pooled GENSLR is at 20579.82B, the pooled WETH is equal to 140.77.

The market cap of the meme currency is $4.99M, and there are 419999.67B GENSLR in circulation overall. Genslr currently has 14.95K total transactions and 4.47K holdings.

Genslr is now trading at $0.0000000000006813, down 10.23% from yesterday.

The immediate resistance level for Genslr, according to Fibonacci retracement levels, is at the Fib 0.236 point, or $0.0000000000007232.

The meme coin may find it difficult to break over this resistance level in the near future.

On the other side, the Fib 0.382 level, or $0.0000000000006137, is where Genslr’s immediate support is located.

This support level may be a turning point for the meme currency, halting additional price drops.

Trading participants should pay particular attention to how Genslr’s price fluctuates in relation to the Fibonacci support and resistance levels of 0.236 and 0.382, respectively.

It can be a sign of a positive continuation for Genslr if the price increases and penetrates the resistance.

On the other hand, traders would want to be careful and take into account potential negative pressure on the price of the meme coin if the price fails to hold at the Fib 0.382 support level.

Dextools: Growing Trading Volume and Bearish Momentum in Meme Coin Tracker

Meme currencies have long been a big issue in the cryptocurrency community, and one site that monitors their success, Dextools, has lately seen a dramatic shift in market dynamics.

The immediate support level, which is located between $0.4570 and $0.4725, is just barely being held above by the price of the stock at $0.4721. Dextools may continue to fall south if it cannot maintain this level, according to brokers.

With the 50-day EMA now at $0.4991 and the 20-day EMA showing continuous rejection for the previous 17 days, a potential bearish crossing is suggested.

The bearish mood is further supported by the fact that the 100-day EMA is now at $0.4329.

Relative Strength Index (RSI) results support the bearish thesis. Selling pressure is rapidly outpacing buying pressure, according to the RSI, which has dropped from 45.64 to 42.52.

The MACD histogram is now 0.0042 instead of 0.0038, a decrease. This signals a decline in purchasing interest and an uptick in selling, which is negative.

The 24-hour volume for Dextools has risen by 68.80% to $682,212 despite the bearish warnings that the technical analysis has identified.

Even if the market valuation of the meme currency has decreased by 4.44% to $45M, this shows rising interest and activity in it.

Continual rejection from the 20-day EMA, a falling RSI, and an increasingly negative MACD histogram are all signs of bearish momentum in the technical analysis for Dextools.

The immediate support level needs to be closely watched by traders. The price might start a negative run if it breaks below.

The surge in trading activity, however, indicates that Dextools is still a popular stock among market players.

In the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency market, traders must proceed cautiously and make educated selections utilizing both technical and fundamental research.

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