Swords of Blood’s Gripping Hack n’ Slash RPG Expands the Market for Crypto Gaming

The newest cryptocurrency to get the support of the game industry is Swords of Blood. Despite being one of the many hundreds of games that are released into the cryptocurrency market each month, it stands out thanks to its emphasis on challenging gameplay.

A more long-term, lucrative, and stable approach to blockchain gaming is represented by the project’s play-to-own gaming model as opposed to play-to-earn. The game’s visuals, gameplay, and narrative have sophisticated designs that are on par with some of the greatest titles available today.

Play-to-Own Enables Players to Use Gaming as a Fun Side Source of Income

Gaming has traditionally been considered a sinful pastime. You lose time and money playing the addictive virtual challenges, which makes the game developers wealthy while making you drowsy. If you’re over thirty and still play video games as an adult, you’re a « loser. »

Gamers ought to get better. Blockchain gaming was introduced as a radical remedy to eliminate the negative implications of gaming. A play-to-earn model-based cryptocurrency incentive scheme shown how productive and profitable gaming might be. In fact, a few blockchain games have flourished to become lucrative side businesses.

But over the past several years, it has become clear that the crypto play-to-earn business model is not viable or sustainable. To remedy the flaws in the current system, Swords of Blood offers a play-to-own business model. It places more emphasis on the gameplay mechanics than the profit potential. As seen by the popularity of World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Lost Ark (all fantastic MMORPGs), it works because players are willing to spend money on expensive gaming equipment if the title is compelling.

With dynamic fighting, outstanding visuals, and a variety of game modes on par with the best conventional games, Swords of Blood presents an equally exciting experience. It takes pride in being the first F2P hack-and-slash RPG with AAA quality and speed on the blockchain. The game will be released for both PC and mobile platforms.

Swords of Blood was not created from scratch; rather, it is based on the foundation of an award-winning game that Artifex Mundi first launched in 2019 for mobile devices but did not finish. The following features might be included in a game remake that Hit Box Games LLC is free to release:

  • Support for fiat currencies and numerous chains of payments is provided by SphereOne and Simplex.
  • A play-to-own game as opposed to a play-to-win game.
  • Brand-new F2P mechanics that are more interesting
  • PVP modes for 4, 8, and 16 players
  • Members of several well-known artists, including Trivium and Disturbed, are featured on a new soundtrack.
  • Ben Abbott, a weapons expert and designer from the renowned program « forged in fire, »
  • E-Sport Micro Competitions
  • Gaming in a group with guilds and clans
  • G.U.T.s are game utility tokens (NFTs) that may be traded on the open market and utilized in-game.
  • 150-hour expansion pack for a video game, including writing staff from Cyberpunk, The Witcher, Gord, Command & Conquer, and Ghost Recon contributing to the story.
  • Places for group conversation, and the team is in discussions about including VR capabilities.
  • Planning further development of $4 million USD
  • The market-making team of the project will control 40% of all tokens and payments received.

The Blockchain Economy Supports a Free-to-Play Game

Swords of Blood is a free-to-play game that was created on a blockchain-based crypto economy, as was previously stated. Making the most of both worlds for gamers in this way. By taking part in competitions, playing frequently, or just getting fortunate, you may win rewards in the game. To play the game, you don’t even have to create a cryptocurrency wallet or make sizable initial payments. In the background, it generates custody wallets for each user.

The land of Ezura, where the game is situated, has fallen into the middle ages. You must revive the Sentinel and restore a glimmer of hope to the bleak plains as the last of the Bladebound. You will achieve this by being :

  • An unafraid dungeon explorer
  • A Scavenger battle-mage
  • Or a strong warrior scavenging for valuable items.

It’s possible to « craft epic gear, bend nature’s magic to your will, and avenge your fallen brothers on this epic quest of might and revenge » according to the game. The competitive element of Swords of Blood is what drives the game’s revenue, and it will be gradually revealed through events.

Your ability to earn $SWDTKN depending on your success in tournaments is provided by the primary play-to-win mechanism. Your portion of the rewards pool will be determined by your leaderboard position. The prize increases in value with level.

The best investment entry point to Swords of Blood is SWDTKN Presale

One of the most exciting cryptocurrency games of 2023 is Swords of Blood. Its MVP version is playable and offers a variety of asynchronous game modes, including three different difficulty settings for the main campaign dungeons and monster Hunt dungeons. The ultimate objective of Swords of Blood is to host a community-focused MMORPG with multiplayer elements including Tournaments, Clans, DAOs, and 4, 8, and 16-player PvP Arenas.

The project has collaborated with a number of companies, including Flame, Acknoledger, Simplex, SphereOne, Master Ventures, Gate.io Labs, Fundamental Labs, Solana Ventures, and Stardust, to mention a few. Additionally, the core crew is made up of seasoned game developers. James Seaman, the CEO of one company, has 36 years of expertise in the gaming sector.

The time is ideal if you intend to make an investment in the game. The second part of the SWDTKN presale is almost complete. As the presale advances to new levels, the token price rises. So, seize them quickly to reserve the finest prices.

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