South korea: Alchemy Pay expands crypto and non-fungible tokens payment services by raising $10m

The fintech company, Alchemy Pay, has secured $10M from the prominent multi-stage web3 investment company, DWF Labs to provide funding for the expansion of its payment business in South Korea.


The April 3, in a press release, Alchemy Pay revealed securing $10 million funding at a valuation of more than $400 million in a strategic association with DWF Labs.

According to the advertisement, Alchemy Pay wants to use the secured funds in order to enlarge its crypto and NFT payment services in South Korea and help Korean companies become international. This is what Robert McCracken, Lead of the ecosystem at Alchemy Pay said about the integration:

“The company is currently well-funded, and we accepted the investment for strategic purposes, specifically to aid Alchemy Pay in entering the Korean market and expanding its payment services in the region. Korea offers & robust market base where Alchemy Pay  has yet to establish a strong presence, and we aim to establish a solid foothold in the region.”

He thinks more Korean enterprises will remove the gap between cryptocurrencies and conventional fiat currencies and keep up with global economies by employing our payment solutions. Meanwhile, the managing associate at DWF Labs, Andrei Grachev, expressed himself with these words:

We are excited to partner with Alchemy Pay as they continue their global expansion journey, particularly in the Korean market. We believe this strategic partnership will accelerate Alchemy Pay’s growth in Korea, providing more opportunities for businesses and consumers to embrace the benefits of digital assets and web3 technologies.


Alchemy Pay has also launched its advanced NFT checkout service as a part of a new collaboration. This will let South Korean clients to get NFTs using fiat payment options, making the process without interruption like any other standard online payment. Alchemy Pay will also let customers acquire NFTs using their local currencies.

Alchemy Pay is a payment system created in 2018 that finely connects crypto and global fiat currencies for businesses, developers, and users. Since its establishment, it has globally expanded its presence and partnered with universal and local payment companies and channels to better its services.

The company has already collaborated with distinguished financial tech companies (such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Diners Club) and mobile payment platforms (among which Google Pay and Apple Pay). Alchemy Pay has developed a large covering area in Europe, Northern and Latin Americ, and Southeast Asia.

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