KLAY, TWT, LHINU, DLANCE, METRO, ECOTERRA, and TARO were the biggest cryptocurrency gainers on April 6

The crypto market is trying to consolidate at and go over the $1.22 trillion barrier, but the biggest cryptocurrencies are keeping things quite boring for the time being by maintaining sideways movement throughout the week.

Nevertheless, a few tokens manage to shine through and rank among the day’s top gainers. We’ll briefly discuss these tokens in this post along with a number of others that have not yet been released but have great promise.

Top cryptocurrency gainers for April 6

Klaytn (KLAY)

The value of Klaytn (KLAY) has significantly climbed by 9.9% to reach $0.2407993186, outpacing the 0.9% growth of the overall cryptocurrency market. KLAY has gotten a « Very Bullish » rating during the last five days on the InvestorsObserver Sentiment Score, which evaluates the volume and price movement of a stock’s most recent performance.

In terms of price, the currency is presently trading close to its five-day high of $0.2429, which is 13.63% higher than its five-day low of $0.2119. If the rally fizzles out, Klaytn’s position might become volatile with support at $0.2152 and resistance at $0.2226.

For companies who want a user-friendly blockchain experience, Klaytn is a public blockchain initiative created for them. The benefits of both private and public blockchains are combined in its hybrid infrastructure.

As its main consensus mechanism, Klaytn employs an improved version of Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance (IBFT), enabling the hybrid architecture. In comparison to Ethereum, it also boasts faster processing times and cheaper gas prices. Due to the reliability of their blockchain-based services and their substantial user bases, Klaytn has selected over 40 first service partners from a variety of sectors.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

The native token of Trust Wallet, TWT, saw a rise in value following the announcement of its collaboration with MoonPay and Ramp. Through this partnership, Trust Wallet users will be able to quickly exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money without the use of a centralized exchange.

The Trust Wallet app offers more control over saved money because transactions may be completed immediately from within. Because of the smooth experience that Trust Wallet customers can now handle crypto-to-fiat transactions thanks to this partnership with MoonPay and Ramp, TWT’s usage and value are expected to increase in the future.

TWT’s price rose by 9% to $1.31 before dropping to $1.25 as of this writing, reflecting the increased purchasing pressure that caused the price gain. The 4-hour RSI shows an overbought market, indicating a potential short-term fall, despite the fact that this move represented a breakthrough for TWT.

Profit-taking might push TWT/USD below $1.20 to immediate support levels. Bulls could, however, revisit the $1.40 area’s barrier if there is an upward trend. TWT could have a chance to hit $1.76 or higher if the market as a whole becomes positive.

For mobile users to buy cryptocurrencies, Trust wallet remains the go-to solution, and this cooperation will encourage more people to use the platform.

Love Hate Inu (LHINU)

A brand-new cryptocurrency project called Love Hate Inu has received a lot of buzz recently after generating up to $3 million in less than a month of operation. The project has garnered a lot of attention because of its original idea as well as the discount offered in the first few hours of the presale.

LHINU tokens may presently be purchased for 0.000105 UDST during stage 3 of the presale; but, in less than 8 days, the price will rise to 0.000115 UDST. Users should act quickly if they want the token at a discount.

Love Hate Inu stands out from other meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu because it combines a meme currency aesthetic with real-world use applications. Users may vote on noteworthy events and people using the project’s novel « Vote-to-Earn » (V2E) system in exchange for LHINU tokens.

By accepting ETH, USDT, or BNB with a minimum purchase of just 10 LHINU tokens, the Love Hate Inu team has made the presale as accessible as possible. 90% of the entire quantity of LHINU tokens are allocated for presale investors, therefore the project’s tokenomics avoid rug pulls and price manipulation. A rug pull is not possible since the bulk of the token supply is owned by the presale investors.

Investors seeking such projects with a lot of usefulness should not miss out on Love Hate Inu, one of the top memecoin pre-sales currently available.

DeeLance (DLANCE)

Over the years, a sizeable portion of the population has transitioned to freelancing, in part due to the pandemic and rising demand for a more flexible work environment. Platforms that offer jobs, like Fiverr and Upwork, have expanded along with it. These platforms, however, have not been beneficial to everyone and present a number of problems that discourage others from switching to freelancing.

DeeLance is a brand-new web-based recruitment platform that seeks to address the gaps created by conventional recruitment platforms. DeeLance provides an NFT marketplace where services, material, and digital assets generated by freelancers will be published as NFTs to ensure no ownership conflicts.

The initiative will also release a metaverse where users may engage in social interaction and meet with recruiters to find work. Additionally, employers will have access to the freelancer’s work history and rating before hiring them.

The native utility token of the DeeLance ecosystem, DLANCE, will control all network transactions. Due to the platform’s usage of smart contract technology, freelancers will start receiving money the instant their work is accepted by clients.

These tokens have collected more than $54,000 in little over a week since their inception and are currently available for purchase on the official DeeLance website. Investors may acquire these tokens for $0.025 during the first phase of the presale; the price will increase to $0.030 during the final phase and $0.037 when the CEX listing takes place.

Metropoly (METRO)

Have you ever fantasized about buying a home or making an investment in real estate but were shocked by the status of the market? You’re not by yourself, though. Because of the astronomical price tags, investing in real estate isn’t for the typical investor, which may be demoralizing.

The goal of Metropoly is to alter that by eliminating the barrier that prevents all except the wealthiest investors from participating in the real estate market. With a minimum investment of $100, investors may purchase a variety of assets on the marketplace.

Along with this, the platform enables investors to lease properties and rent them out to generate rental income. These properties also have rental yields that are significantly higher than those of the market. If that’s still not enough, Metropoly also offers the option to buy a portion of real estate, allowing you to own a portion of multi-million dollar properties while reaping the benefits of having many high-value assets under your control.

The METRO token is presently available for purchase for $0.0769, and this price will rise until the presale is through, according to Metropoly, which is holding a presale on its website. An apartment in the Burj Khalifa worth $1 million is also up for grabs in the website’s promotion.

Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Do you want to invest in cutting-edge technology while still having a good influence on the environment? Look no further than Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), a brand-new blockchain-based cryptocurrency project with a sustainability focus.

Ecoterra is a ground-breaking initiative that pays people for recycling things like plastic and glass bottles. In order to encourage individuals to become more environmentally conscious and lessen their carbon footprint, the initiative makes use of a Recycle2Earn mechanism.

The project’s groundbreaking blockchain effort, created to stimulate eco-consciousness and encourage sustainable living, is upending the recycling and trash management sector.

Users may receive prizes for taking part in the campaign while also lowering their carbon impact. Early adopters may benefit from special discounted pricing to join in on the ground floor of this paradigm-shifting idea while Ecoterra is still in the presale phase.

ECOTERRA tokens are available for purchase by investors for $0.004, and the cost will rise until the token is priced at $0.01 on controlled exchanges. Investors seeking listing gains may find this to be a fantastic opportunity. Get these tokens quickly to save money.

RobotEra (TARO)

Since the metaverse is thought to be the technology of the future, projects based on it have been surfacing frequently lately. One such project built on the metaverse that has generated a lot of buzz is RobotEra.

The setting of RobotEra is the planet Taro, and the game has a narrative-driven design. This came after an army of robots destroyed every living thing on the earth and wiped off its entire population. These robots now possess human-like emotions and sensations, and they are tasked with restoring the plant to its former splendor.

Robots will be given jobs in the metaverse, and when they perform them, they will receive TARO tokens as payment. Additionally, players can lease their properties to generate a passive income or own and trade them to earn money.

Players can advance in the metaverse economy by charging for concerts, plays, or sporting events that take place on their estates.

Users who wish to support the project while the game is still being developed can do so by purchasing TARO, the project’s native token.

At a cost of 0.020 USDT per token, TARO tokens can be bought from the RobotEra website. As soon as the presale enters the next round, this price will rise to 0.025 UDST. Now is your chance to join RobotEra, a project that has already raised over $1 million.


The top gainers for the day and a number of projects that are currently in the presale round were examined in this article. Each of these ventures has to be carefully examined by investors before they commit any funds.

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