How Platform Use by SCORP is Changing the Definition of Passive Income

Through its redistribution mechanism, which grows as the site gets popularity, SCORP, the native token powering Scorpion Casino, is going to alter the notion of passive income. Investors are starting to hurry to invest in Scorpion Casino’s native token presale because they think the token will soar once the passive revenue begins to flow.

Investors have confidence in the project since it is completely regulated by the appropriate licensing organizations, and the team is collaborating with reputable gaming companies to develop highly polished casino games for the platform. Analysts may thus reasonably expect a 10x return, which is why the $300,000 fundraising milestone has already been reached a short time after the campaign started.

As the $300K milestone approaches, the Scorpion Casino pre-sale increases

In just a few days after going online, the Scorpion Casino presale has already raised $250,000. The project’s native token, SCORP, is being sold during the presale. Thanks to a sell redistribution tax included into the smart contract, all holders of SCORP get a passive income.

Scorpion Casino’s goal is to create the best social online casino platform, where players may stake and keep a token in exchange for a daily dividend based on the casino’s performance. The idea aims to give everyone a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience while also giving them the chance to make money, even if they lose at the blackjack table.

Depending on platform usage, you might make up to $10,000 USDT per day

The 10% tax imposed on each market sale transaction serves as the project’s passive income source. 2% of the 10% tax is set aside to give holders a passive income. Additionally, 2% of each sale transaction is redistributed to all SCORP token holders as part of the redistribution tax.

As additional sales occur, holders of SCORP tokens will therefore notice a rise in their balance over time. Users would sell SCORP when they left the casino, thus if the casino becomes very well-liked, this redistribution might generate up to $10,000 USD in daily income.

In addition, there is a 1% burning fee added to the overall 10% sale tax, making SCORP a deflationary token. The burn tax makes the remaining SCORP more rare by permanently removing it from circulation. Increasing demand will drive up the price of SCORP if supply continues to decline and demand rises.

The daily yield offered to holders is, all things considered, a logical way to enable individuals to own casinos and profit from regular patronage of those casinos. Scorpion gambling is effectively enabling consumers become the house themselves by lowering the obstacles to entry for the gambling business. According to Thomas Jefferson, « the only way to win money out of a casino is to own one, » and at last, Scorpion Casino is offering the ideal means of doing so.

Completely Licensed and Regulated With All the Popular Games

Investors’ extraordinary confidence in participating in the Scorpion Casino presale is also attributed to the platform’s complete licensure and regulation by the Curacao iGaming licensing body. Because of its complete transparency and provable fairness, the casino is the ideal online location for all gamblers.

The group has connections to all of the main gaming companies, including Evolution and NetEnt, which enables the casino to host all of the users’ preferred games on the platform. Blackjack, roulette, poker, and slots are among the more than 210 games available at the casino, including 160 live games.

The website also includes a sportsbook with over 30,000 betting possibilities on well-known sports. The sportsbook also incorporates all the main leagues for sports including football, tennis, horse racing, basketball, golf, boxing, and mixed martial arts.

Pre-Sale on Fire: Buy Now to Avoid Price Increases

Over $250,000 has already been raised during the native token presale in only a few short days. The platform’s native token, called the SCORP token, serves as the only means of payment and reward throughout the entire Scorpion ecosystem. Additionally, SCORP serves as the platform’s primary currency for betting, giving it a lot of usefulness.

The token is presently being sold in the presale for $0.01. However, because of the presale’s rising pricing structure, the cost will rise with each new presale stage. For instance, the price of SCORP will rise once the fundraising reaches the $300,000 mark.

It will keep rising until the coin is priced at $0.05 and listed on exchanges. To maximize your unrealized profits when the token is launched on exchanges, it is thus advisable to take advantage of the lower price point and engage the presale early.

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