Google and Facebook (Meta) Alternatives: 20 Best Ad Networks for Advertisers

Since Facebook and Google are both free to use for all users, people frequently ponder how these huge internet companies make money.

Everything here is due to the term « advertisements », specifically. In this rapidly expanding world, there are many established companies and burgeoning startups. A large portion of them set aside money specifically for marketing.

These businessmen and entrepreneurs in the early 20th century had flyers, magazines, and newspapers as possibilities. Other than these, there wasn’t much room for television advertisements, but since there weren’t many viewers, there wasn’t a big market for marketers.

Interestingly, the business models of Google and Facebook (Meta) at the start of the twenty-first century changed things, and advertisers now have alternatives for displaying their products in the form of digital media.

An Advertising Network: What is it?

Marketplaces for publishers and advertisers are called ad networks. As aggregators, they make it possible for marketers to post their advertising on open spaces across a variety of websites and mobile platforms. By matching them to the needs of advertisers, they assist internet platforms in monetizing their available ad spaces.

The phrase « Ad Network » is media-neutral. However, as the business hub of Publishers and Advertisers is increasingly being located online, it is commonly employed as a « Advertisement Network ». The key distinction between print media and internet advertising networks is that the latter disseminate advertisements to the wider public via an advertisement server.

Everyone might only think of two names after hearing this: Google Ads and Facebook Ads. As the two largest stockholders in the media and advertising industries, Google and Facebook, you are not mistaken in this instance. They generated $219 million in combined ad revenues in 2020, controlling 34% of the market.

The market is not constrained to these platforms, though. Advertisers may currently choose from a wide variety of ad networks. But before choosing a platform, there are a few things you should consider.

What should you keep in mind while picking an ad network to promote your products?

In this emerging world, web-based advertising has expanded greatly. As a result, throughout the past 20 years, there have been more ad networks than ever before. Choosing which ad network is optimal for their business success and capable of identifying the ideal target audience relevant to the company’s business proves to be excessively difficult for an advertiser.

The following are some considerations to make when selecting an ad network firm for your product.

Marketing Strategies

Each business has a unique marketing strategy since it is based on its budget and product. While certain items are manufactured for a specific segment of the public by some businesses, others are made for everyone without distinction.

For instance, businesses like Lamborghini and Dior should develop their marketing plans with billionaires and millionaires in mind.

In contrast, since the products of businesses like Colgate and Pepsi are made for everyone, they must speak to a wide variety of consumers. You must select an advertising firm that can support your marketing strategy because each ad network has a unique community of publishers.

Targeted Location

Depending on their selection of products, every firm has a target market in a number of locations. For instance, the South Korean business Hyundai currently sells automobiles all over the world. They thus have marketing budgets for each of the nations in which they sell their goods.

Employing a single global ad network provider and giving them a contract that all the businesses may negotiate is one possibility. The likelihood that they would receive the contract at a far lower cost than anticipated is increased, but this might also have an impact on their intended audience.

Another choice is to award contracts after examining the regional ad networks’ connections to the local audience. In this option, you must select various ad networks for various nations.

Every ad network, though, has a greater audience and reach in specific locations. For instance, Crazy House works well when targeting China, JumpTap when targeting the USA, and so on.

Publishers’ List

Whether you like it or not, publishers are important to any advertisement. It won’t work if the right advertisement is put in the wrong area.

What would happen, for instance, if a blog post with the headline « Top 5 vegan products for your daily routine » put banner ads for any product from Salmon Sister, one of the greatest canned fish brands?

No one will click on that banner since the publisher’s audience is different from the audience that the firm is trying to reach.

There are several publishers in every ad network. But always keep in mind that quality, not number, should be considered. Ad networks typically include a lengthy list of publishers or inventory that are associated with them, but always search for publishers that fit your industry.

Naturally, you must check to see if the network includes publishers that are involved with automobiles or other vehicles if the advertisement is relevant to the automotive industry. Request the list of websites where your advertising will appear. This will give you a clearer understanding of it.

Metric Approaches

You must choose the measuring metric that is suitable for your advertising campaign before looking for an ad network. CPA or CPC ad networks are those that are appropriate for CPM.

Cost Per Mille (CPM): Cost per thousand, or CPT as it is often known, means we want to pay the price for every 1000 impressions. For instance, if the CPM is $10, 1000 impressions will cost $10.

Cost Per Action (CPA): It is the cost associated with clicks and conversions. For example, your advertising generated 1000 clicks at a cost of $100 and resulted in 100 conversions. Therefore, at this moment, your CPA is $10. A high conversion rate is implied by a lower CPA number.

Cost Per Click (CPC): CPC is another statistic used in internet advertising that is similar to CPM. The only distinction is that this price is determined by clicks rather than impressions. Since the cost is exclusively based on clicks, there won’t be any fee if any user sees the advertisement but doesn’t click on it. For instance, if CPC is $3, each click will cost you $3, totaling $60 if you get 20 clicks.

You now have all the information necessary to select the ideal ad network for your advertisement. The majority of the market share in the world of digital advertising is currently held by Google and Facebook (now known as Meta).

But in addition to Google and Facebook, there are other additional ad networks that one should be aware of. In comparison to these two huge giants, they also offer top-notch services, often at a lower cost.

Another excellent substitute for Google and Facebook is Instagram. However, the catch in this story is that Instagram is owned by Meta Inc. whereas YouTube has been a part of Google Inc. since November 2016, thanks to Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012. Because of this, we have left out YouTube and Instagram from this list.

The top alternatives to Google and Facebook advertisements are on this list of 19 ad network firms.

Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads (ASA) is an advertising network channel called connects marketers with powerful interest groups. There are already 20 million registered iOS application developers managing 500 million weekly visits, causing fierce competition across all sectors. They are successful in generating $100 billion in income.

There are two variations of Apple Search Ads: Basic and Advanced. The Advanced edition costs more but offers more features. It should be noted that not every user will see the same advertising while using Apple Search Ads. There are several different kinds of advertisements, and variances include the quantity of graphics and videos.


Clickadu, a top advertising network, offers extensive advantages to both advertisers and publishers as well as global coverage.

Principal advantages of Clickadu:

  • Daily advertising impressions of 6 billion
  • Banners, pop-ups, pushes, in-page ads, videos, SKIMs, and instant text messages are the seven ad forms.
  • 240 GEOs are covered.
  • More than any other network, there are 22 verticals.
  • More than 3500 direct publishers
  • Fraud detection and internal traffic quality control
  • Integration of Postback and API

To publishers, Clickadu provides:

  • 41K+ active campaigns each day that generates A significant demand for traffic
  • Up to $9 in stable, high CPMs.
  • Clean feed
  • Weekly payments ($50) without a hold using PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum, cryptocurrency wallets, and wire transfers.
  • Several options for controlling how often ads are displayed. CSS Class Limits, Amount, Range, and Up/Under

Yahoo Ad Tech

Many tools for the buy- and sell-side are available on Yahoo Ad Tech. The DSP (Demand Side Platforms) and Exchange are multi-channel. Advertisement buyers may manage their purchases, bid on and purchase inventory, and track their ads via the DSP platform, which Yahoo has made public.

The unique agreement that offers non-rival access to premium, brand-safe inventory with the best viewability across native, video, and display is the principal USP (User Selling Proposition) of Yahoo Ad Tech.

Amazon Ads

More than 300 million active accounts may be accessed by Amazon Ads. They now have a thorough awareness of the attitudes that consumers have about the brands and products that they browse, discover, and purchase online.

They provide products, brands, and display sponsorships, among other services. In addition, they provide their clients personalized adverts and audio and video commercials. Advertisers may purchase display, video, and audio advertisements programmatically thanks to Amazon’s DSP (demand-side platform). Customers can choose from eight distinct items and seven different services. Amazon Ads are currently operational in 18 different nations, including Australia, Brazil, India, and many others.


Suomzilla assists affiliates and marketers in monetizing their traffic and growing their customer bases. It offers you creative traffic solutions regardless of the sector you work in. With Suomzilla’s robust data protection measures, advertisers of all expertise levels may succeed in their marketing initiatives.

With the help of its advanced targeting options, marketers can quickly boost lead conversion rates and enhance ROI. To guarantee only high-quality traffic, it also contains an anti-fraud mechanism.

Each customer has a personal manager assigned to them who is always available to provide advice on how to optimize advertising campaigns. Additionally, you may access current data about your campaign’s performance, such as metrics and statistics.


The Local advertising network, Taboola is based in New York. It disperses « suggested » material across a variety of frequently frequented news sites and locations. Mid-sized businesses (51–1,000 people) and the marketing and advertising sector utilize Taboola Ads the most frequently.

They have collaborations that are exclusive with many of the major publishers in the world, including USA Today, NBC, MSN, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and many others. Your marketing objectives may be readily met with Taboola’s assistance, and it will provide worthwhile leads.

TikTok Ads

Since September, TikTok has had over 1 billion users. TikTok advertisements may now be seen by an estimated 825 million adults (18+) globally. In-feed advertising, picture ads, video ads, spark ads, pangle ads, carousel ads, top view ads, branded hashtag challenges, and branded effects (branded stickers and filters) are just a few of the several types of advertisements that are available on the platform.

TikTok provides marketers with a straightforward 4-step process to post an ad on their platform. The fundamental phases are determining your audience and your aim. You then need to input your budget. You must create your advertisement as the final stage before your commercial is complete.

Snapchat Ads    

Advertisers who wish to reach the millennial age frequently use Snapchat Ads. This younger age group uses Snapchat the most frequently. Ads can be targeted based on preferences, actions, location, and other factors. Connect with those who are promoting the new attitudes and principles that are transforming the world.

There are about 319 million users in the addressable market for Snapchat Ads. These individuals are constantly online. Besides that, Snapchat would help in the expansion of your business among millennials and Generation Z as it reaches around 75% of them. There is no greater platform for developing a brand for young people than Snapchat. With kids, your promotions might soar.

Twitter Business

On their platform, Twitter Business offers more than 20 different product possibilities to display your tailored ads. Here are a few of the most important adoptions on Twitter.

  • Enhanced Ads
  • Subscriber Ads
  • Tweet Amplify
  • Twitter Live
  • Polls
  • Takeover of Twitter
  • Customized Hashtags
  • Personalized Notification

And a lot more…

Twitter is a platform with a large user base. The ideal location to advertise your goods or services if you want to establish a social media presence for your company is on Twitter.

Spotify Ads       

A few years ago, FM radio was the sole option for advertising looking to reach a music-loving audience. However, things have changed lately. You primarily have three ways to narrow down your target audience with Spotify Ads: demographics, behavior, and contexts. Additionally, you can reach a more specific audience by employing custom targeting.

Spotify offers flexible options for advertising. Therefore, no matter how big your financial plan is, there is something for you. The self-serve advertising platform, Ad Studio, allows advertisers to launch anything for just $250.

Microsoft Ads

400 million searches each month on Microsoft and partner websites are made using Microsoft Ads, which has a footprint to reach up to 41 million customers. It has 15 various advertising tools that might be quite beneficial to enhancing the advertising strategy.

If you’re already working hard on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you may extend that effort to Microsoft Advertising by delegating the difficult tasks to the import tools. As a consequence, you may spend less time and attention on routine social media marketing methods and concentrate on business outcomes.


Epom offers a 14-day free trial so you may evaluate the platform. They provide a variety of ad server options, including powerful RTB bidders, white label DSPs, and many others, to help any firm expand significantly.

Through Epom, you can create hyper-targeted advertising campaigns to connect with your audience. Additionally, there are several ad types including display, mobile, in-app, and video available.

Epom’s pricing for its ad server ranges from $212 for the Basic Plan to $2125 for the Advanced Plan. Furthermore, the Enterprise option allows you to further personalize your plan.

LinkedIn Ads

With conversational, interactive, and video ad formats available, LinkedIn Ads can accommodate any demand. It raises awareness of your business by promoting your company’s advertisements to niche markets on many platforms, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. Your product is featured in the most popular professional news feed on the planet.

The LinkedIn marketing platform’s Campaign Manager streamlines all of your advertising processes. Your assignments are created, evaluated, and streamlined across all platforms. Additionally, their platform is used by approximately 65 million decision-makers. Your company may see a paradigm change as a result of this. is a prominent global marketing company with one of the most comprehensive plans for promoting innovation across all channels.

The platform creates top-level things from various components of any advertisement technology to operate web-based adverts. As a result, each client’s needs are satisfied without involving other merchants. To make managing the adverts easier, it helps to combine the solutions from several providers onto a single platform.

Telegram Ads

In every public Telegram channel with more than 1000 users, advertisers may use Telegram adverts to target their adverts. Telegram users worldwide create 500 billion views every month over a number of channels, with over 500 million active users.

Currently, sponsored messages are just being tested. They will start giving marketing money to the owner of that public channel where messages are broadcast after they are fully operational and have let Telegram take care of its essential costs.

InMobi Audience Targeting

The Indian startup InMobi has a significant customer base that includes fashionistas, quick-serve restaurant devotees, college students, fitness buffs, vehicle shoppers, and affluent metropolitan residents. It has a number of services for advertisers, including Pulse, a platform for market and consumer analytics, Audiences, a platform for customer targeting, DSP, and Exchange.

Publishers provide beneficial services such game monetization, header bidding platform service, unifID- identification solution, mobile app monetization, a range of ad formats, and more.


Adroll is an advertising platform with more than ten years’ worth of data from millions of companies and many billions of consumers. This will eventually assist in identifying the right market for your goods. Additionally, they provide marketing plans that are ideal for your company. You will get successful outcomes after you put these tactics into practice.

AdRoll not only produces effective advertisements but also sends automated emails to a specific audience, and a combination of both increases traffic to your website. Additionally, they offer a unique selling proposition in that they target the audience based on changes in consumer tastes over time.

SXM Media

The biggest network for advertising on podcasts in the US is SXM Media. Assume that members of your target audience enjoy various types of podcasts. In such scenario, this ad network provider is ideal for your product as it allows you to reach approximately 55 million podcast listeners.

The adoptions they provide include streaming audio, video, dynamic audio, and sequential audio. Then comes their greatest part, which is Podcast Ads, where they provide audience-based buying, contextual alignment, branded content, and exclusive show chances as a part of SXM Media.


Perpetua provides all the tools needed to help eCommerce firms develop their market share profitably. They solicit your aims and finances rather than producing campaigns, and using that information, they create unique branding for each business. You may anticipate higher outcomes for your brand because of personalized solutions.

In comparison to our human procedure, Perpetua’s programmatic bid optimization is quicker and more precise. You may now concentrate on developing plans and conducting tests and analyses because of this. Perpetua has a monthly price that starts at just $250.


Primis is a video marketing company that provides video ad network capabilities. They deliver enticing video promotions to customers with perfect timing and the greatest advertising locations to increase RPMs and the client experience. Their native ad unit performs all functions and may be completely customized to suit inside your website.

You can deliver them with an elective ad design they appreciate and get big advertisement revenues by employing video promotions with Primis. Primis sees itself as the guarantor of the media marketing industry’s most customer-focused standards. The ad network is secure for use and defends clients against fraud.


The top performing advertising networks from our extensive publisher list are included in the list above. Some only work well for certain sponsors, and some are quite particular to them. Therefore, no matter whatever ad network you want to display your advertisement on, remember that customisation is the secret to expanding your brand through digital marketing.

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