Forecast of Shiba Inu Price As Meme coin searches Tumble: When Should You Sell These Utility-Heavy Altcoins?

The market valuation of the cryptocurrency industry is increasing after a wild week.

In other developments, investors are now less interested in meme coins as they aim to profit from more utility-driven initiatives to increase their portfolios.

Although meme coins provide a tremendous chance to make money quickly from the market, their high volatility makes them unviable long-term investments.

One such meme project, which once rose a remarkable 21,000% in two weeks, is currently seeing a sharp decline in popularity and price.

Shiba Inu, a cryptocurrency also named as the « Dogecoin killer, » has had its market cap decrease by more than 50% in the last year as attention has shifted to more intriguing and reliant ventures.

Could a new generation of utility-focused cryptocurrencies like $LPX, $YPRED, and $AI be a better stock for crypto investors to invest in?

Over 90% of SHIB’s 2021 market valuation is lost

The $SHIB coin is now trading at $0.00000854, suggesting an upward trend of 0.52% over the last day.

The well-known meme currency has recently experienced a huge decline in market cap as a result of several brutal months of losses.

Only $5 billion or more has been reported in the market capitalization of $SHIB since its peak of almost $85 billion.

With a current loss of 1.84%, $SHIB’s weekly performance is in the negative territory. Its 30-day results are likewise not encouraging because the meme token is down 16.14%.

In the 90-day scenario, the losses are even worse since the Dogecoin competitor’s price action has decreased by an additional 31.29%.

In spite of Shiba Inu’s best attempts to stay current, a turbulent campaign in 2023 saw several new-generation meme coins steal the show from it.

The latest meme projects that investors are swarming to are $PEPE, $SPONGE, and $COPIUM, further detracting attention away from the $SHIB coin.

Investor interest in these initiatives, however, is waning as a result of a significant market correction that saw the value of the burgeoning crypto market fall from $1.16 trillion to $1.10 trillion in the previous week.

Meme coins are not now driving the rush back to the top of the emerging sector, which is now seeing a minor bullish push and recovering the $1.12 trillion market size.

Could more utility-focused cryptocurrencies be the best choice for many in this shifting market? History would appear to support this.

Utility Triumphs in the End

Considering that more reliable and quick protocols have been introduced, Bitcoin’s ascent to the top has been a tumultuous ride.

A 23,000-strong financial landscape has emerged thanks to the leading currency, but others have also benefited from its popularity.

Despite this, Bitcoin continues to be the main inflation hedge for institutional and ordinary investors.

This is partly because of its distinct deflationary tendencies, which will limit the total number of coins that may be produced by the Bitcoin network to 21 million during its entire lifetime.

Bitcoin has become the most valuable utility asset that most investors own because to its inflation-friendly characteristics.

In the same vein, many cryptocurrency initiatives now provide benefits to investors looking to expand their portfolios gradually and methodically.

Among these utility-focused cryptocurrencies are $LPX, $YPRED, and $AI.

Launchpad XYZ ($LPX)

The native token for the Launchpad XYZ project is $LPX. Launchpad aspires to serve as the first launching pad for everyone interested in entering the cryptocurrency industry, as its name suggests.

The platform gives customers the in-depth data, perceptions, and strategy they need to be successful in the very unpredictable crypto industry.

Given that most investors feel overwhelmed by the variety of projects available, Launchpad will clearly distinguish between potential coins and well-established ones, streamlining the assets that crypto beginners are exposed to and allowing them to participate in recently listed projects.

This DEX might be a game-changer for many investors, allowing them to access low-cap crypto jewels and benefit once they reach the big market, given that the crypto sector rewards investors with first-mover advantage (FMA) more.

Launchpad, which is supported by the $LPX, may become the beating centre for the upcoming round of Web3 investment.

The project has had incredible success thus far and is presently in the presale stage.

The price of its $LPX cryptocurrency has risen since it just passed the $600,000 presale milestone.

At the time of publication, the digital asset had successfully garnered more than $659,000, indicating a rise in investor interest.

yPredict ($YRED)

The $YPRED currency is another alternative altcoin that investors are keenly interested in.

A network token for a cryptocurrency project as well, $YPRED has made a great debut in the market.

Early investors have contributed $1.78 million to the digital asset so far, indicating the potential for yet another legendary cryptocurrency initiative.

The yPredict project is responsible for creating the $YPRED coin.

The most sophisticated crypto analytics tool currently available, yPredict is also focused on market analytics and insights but goes a step further by including machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

With a trading terminal and a mechanism for tracking token prices, the platform is likewise packed with features.

Before hundreds of recently released cryptocurrencies are available on popular exchanges like the Binance platform, customers may access them directly through a decentralized exchange (DEX).

The project uses Ethereum’s layer-2 Polygon network and offers layer-2 solutions for market sentiment analysis, technical analysis, and trading alerts to investors.

A 25+ chart pattern detection system is also provided, which is employed by AI to deliver insights on prospective market possibilities to take advantage of.

yPredict also includes options for institutional investors. Its AI is trained using billions of dataset points to help it find possibilities for financial gain.

The portal also offers alternative data to institutional users.

Given its dependence on AI, more analysts are becoming aware of yPredict’s compelling use case.

The direction of trade as we currently know it is predicted to shift dramatically as AI continues to permeate many industries.

The price of its $YPRED coin is now $0.09, and it is currently in the sixth stage of the pre-sale.

Early-bird investors may receive up to a 40% return on their initial investment after it publishes on select top-tier exchanges, when the listing price would soar to $0.12.

AiDoge ($AI)

The $AI token is the ideal choice for meme fans and investors searching for a popular cryptocurrency to invest in.

The network token for the AiDoge project, which launched in April 2023, is the ERC-20 token.

AIDoge is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency concept that enables users of social media to create engaging memes with social relevance.

The unique site leverages these potent algorithms to assist users in creating memes that fit into their narratives, and it also depends on AI technology.

AiDoge is modelled around OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which also has a text-prompt structure, in terms of how it operates.

By entering the details of the meme they want to create, users just need to communicate with the meme generator once, and it will provide the appropriate results.

After that, users can choose the one that best fits their request.

But its extraordinary skills don’t stop there. Additionally, the protocol incorporates the brand-new meme-to-earn (M2E) mechanisms.

A public wall feed is used to choose the top meme creators, who are then given the $AI token as compensation.

In addition to acting as a reward system, the $AI asset is used to buy credits, which are necessary for creating memes on the AiDoge platform.

AiDoge’s presale stage has been one of the most amazing given the substantial surge in popularity of memes and meme currencies over the past three years, as it generated millions of dollars in funding in only a few short weeks.

In only three days, it went from raising $13 million to its current total presale fundraising of $14.9 million, blazing through the subsequent presale rounds.

Before it is listed on exchanges, interested investors can acquire the token at its listing price of $0.0000336.

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