Ecoterra Presale Soars as Team Connects With Major Players Like Tesla, Raising $5.3 Million

Ecoterra, a revolutionary Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) cryptocurrency initiative, is poised to surpass the remarkable $5.3 million milestone as the project team rubs elbows with some of the biggest names in the green technology sector.

The CEO of Ecoterra, Mihai Ciutureanu, as well as other project team members recently attended the yearly Berlin Green Technology Festival, where they had the opportunity to network with the event’s leading sponsors, including Tesla and Audi.

In an endeavour to fulfill its promising plan, the ecoterra project team is actively engaging in networking.

The beta version of Ecoterra’s eagerly awaited R2E program will soon accept applications from users.

Reverse vending machines (RVMs) are used in every country, hence there is a sizable potential market for the platform’s main R2E software.

The Ecoterra application will be accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, and the green cryptocurrency start-up has already given a few sneak glimpses at how the software will appear on both platforms.

Simple navigation and a wonderful user experience should be guaranteed by the app’s slick and simple design.

By the end of the year, ecoterra’s R2E application is anticipated to be released in alpha form.

In order to promote recycling through its groundbreaking Recycle-to-Earn (R2E) system, facilitate the trade in recycled materials, and encourage people and companies to offset their carbon footprint, ecoterra is creating an all-in-one $ECOTERRA-powered web3 ecosystem.

The most thrilling green Web3 project in 2023 could be Ecoterra

One of the most intriguing web3 ventures of the year, according to observers, is ecoterra, a rising green cryptocurrency startup.

Ecoterra is one of the top green cryptocurrencies for the year, according to analysts at

The presale for the project, which has already been flying in the little more than two months since inception, could gain more pace with the introduction of a demo version of ecoterra’s popular R2E software.

The central ERC-20 cryptocurrency token of ecoterra’s blockchain-based green web3 ecosystem, $ECOTERRA, is presently available for purchase at a price of merely $0.00925 per token.

This is due to the fact that when ecoterra’s presale reaches $5.7 million, it will enter its ninth and last stage, and the price of $ECOTERRA will increase by 8% to $0.01.

As soon as the presale reaches $6.7 million, which might happen quickly considering the current speed of $ECOTERRA’s sales, the presale will come to an end.

Following the introduction of $ECOTERRA on all major cryptocurrency exchanges in the upcoming quarter, many experts anticipate significant price growth for the token as a larger investor base scrambles to obtain one of the greenest crypto market’s most promising assets.

Explained: Ecoterra’s Ultimate Climate-Fighting Super App

By rewarding recycling, making it simpler to offset carbon emissions, and allowing for the transparent tracking of environmental effect, blockchain technology has the unmatched potential to encourage environmentally good behaviours.

In addition, ecoterra is developing a single application that accomplishes all three of these tasks and more.

Every time a user recycles on Ecoterra, they are rewarded with the system’s native cryptocurrency, $ECOTERRA.

The platform includes a marketplace for carbon offsets to make it simpler for people and companies to offset their carbon impact.

In order to facilitate the acquisition of recycled commodities by businesses using $ECOTERRA or other cryptocurrencies, Ecoterra now offers a marketplace for recycled materials.

Ecoterra, on the other hand, offers a way for people and companies to track their environmental practices through an Impact Trackable Profile because of the openness of the blockchain.

According to observers, environmentally aware firms would love this function since it allows them to improve consumer loyalty and brand recognition.

Bulls Want $ECOTERRA To Gain 10x More

The ecoterra platform is powered by $ECOTERRA, which has a ton of built-in functionality.

Holders of $ECOTERRA will not only have access to the platform’s primary means of trade, but also to events in the real world, educational programs, and much more.

ECOTERRA holders will soon be able to create a passive income stream from their token holdings thanks to a future staking protocol that will be made available by the ecoterra development team, providing investors one more reason to HODL the token.

A total of two billion $ECOTERRA tokens may be issued, of which one billion (or 50%) will be made accessible to investors during the presale.

20% of the budget is set out for ecosystem liquidity, 10% for listings and marketing, and 5% for corporate uptake.

Since just 5% of the project is allotted to the team, they will need to work diligently for a while to truly drive up the price of $ECOTERRA if they wish to profit much from it.

It’s hardly surprising that experts are forecasting big things for the $ECOTERRA token given that emerging green web3 initiatives like Ecoterra are anticipated to play an increasingly significant role in efforts to address climate change on a global scale in the decades to come.

Popular British cryptocurrency presale analyst Jacob Crypto Bury believes that when $ECOTERRA opens across cryptocurrency exchanges later this year, it might increase by 10 times.

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