DeeLance: The Decentralized Platform Upending the Freelancing Sector – How to Invest Early?

Do you want to work from the comfort of your home and make a good living? If so, freelancing could be the ideal choice for you. In reality, the demand for remote work is rising, with almost 65% of workers expressing interest in it.

Despite the fact that there are many Web2-based platforms for freelancing, these services frequently have costs that are too expensive and payment times that are too long. DeeLance can help with that.

DeeLance, a Web3-based network for freelancers, has several benefits over more established freelance markets like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. These benefits include affordable fees, prompt reimbursements, and a setting that is mostly devoid of scams. You may profit from freelancing with DeeLance without the inconveniences and problems of conventional platforms.

DeeLance: What Is It?

DeeLance is a marketplace for hiring professionals with a base that is comparable to those of UpWork and Fiverr. By providing a superior substitute to both recruiters and freelancers, DeeLance hopes to solve the drawbacks of both platforms.

To protect its content and services, DeeLance will utilize NFT avatars that recruiters and freelancers may use. In contrast to previous platforms, this will enable consumers to confirm the legitimate ownership of content or services. Users may speak with one another and establish connections in the metaverse by utilizing their NFT avatar in addition to being able to identify themselves through their avatar.

Since it is built on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform will also provide a secure and structured payment system and make the operation as secure and transparent as possible.

Smart contracts will be used to store every transaction on the platform, ensuring that orders are delivered on time to clients and that freelancers are paid as soon as the order is accepted. There won’t be any intermediaries in the process, which would otherwise lead to substantial cutbacks that would be compensated for with the user’s money.

The site will also have a Metaverse where users can connect, communicate, and build micro-communities to increase their visibility and job prospects.

DeeLance has made considerable strides already and is perhaps the only competitor in the web3 arena vying for share of the $760 billion recruiting market. Your ticket to joining the project is the DLANCE native token, which has raised thousands of dollars in the short time it has existed.

DLANCE Tokenomics & Presale

The DeeLance ecosystem is powered by the DLANCE coin, which serves several purposes. The first thing users may do is use their DLANCE tokens to rent offices within the DeeLance metaverse. These offices might serve as the center for running their company, serving as a place where staff members could connect and reach crucial judgments.

The network also features an NFT marketplace where users can post their products or digital goods, and potential buyers may pay in DLANCE tokens for those goods. Additionally, the token may be used to rent office spaces, giving individuals access to a private workplace without having to own one outright.

In order to advertise their goods and services inside the economy, users can additionally use DLANCE tokens to pay marketing campaigns. As a result, the DLANCE token has a lot of usefulness because it is engaged in practically every part of the platform that includes a transaction.

The tokens have a one billion token supply and are based on the Ethereum network. The presale is presently active on the project’s official website for investors who are interested in the offering.

Users can buy DLANCE tokens for $0.025 until the DeeLance Presale earns $1.5 million, which is stage one of the presale. Stage two will sell the tokens for $0.027 with a $2 million price objective, while stage three will try to raise a further $2.5 million by selling the tokens for $0.030.

DLANCE coins will list on centralized exchanges after the initiative reaches its aim of raising $6 million overall from these presales. Now is the ideal moment to invest before it’s too late because the tokens will be offered for $0.037.

How to Buy DLANCE Tokens During the Token Presale

On the official website, DLANCE tokens may be bought in a matter of minutes. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the procedure.

Firstly, link your wallet

Click the ‘Connect’ button on the DeeLance website to begin going. To link your wallet to the website, adhere to the on-screen instructions. Wallet Connect enables connections with MetaMask or any other compatible wallet. MetaMask is suggested for desktop users, whereas Trust Wallet is an option for mobile users.

Secondly, choose a payment method

To purchase DLANCE tokens after linking your wallet, select your desired payment option. Payment options include credit/debit cards, ETH, and USDT.

Thirdly, enter the amount

Now, input how many DLANCE tokens you wish to buy, or how much they are worth. Before moving on to the subsequent stage, be sure the quantity is accurate.

Next, verify Your Purchase

Enter the DLANCE token amount, then validate your purchase. The gas fee—a payment made to network validators for the purpose of confirming the transaction—will be shown together with the other transactional information. Click « Confirm » once you have read and approved the transactional information.

Finally, get your DLANCE tokens

Your associated wallet will immediately be able to access your DLANCE tokens once the transaction is finished. On the DeeLance website, you may get your DLANCE tokens after the presale is over.


DeeLance has generated a lot of buzz in the short time it has existed, and this enthusiasm is proof of the impact the project will have. DLANCE is a great cryptocurrency to add to your portfolio if you’re searching for one with a lot of usefulness.

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