Commemoration of the final fantasy vii’s 25th anniversary: square enix launches new non-fungible tokens

New NFTs has been created by Square Enix in collaboration with Enjin to commemorate the remembrance day of the Final Fantasy VII’s 25 years since its launching.


On March 31, Square Enix announced the release of new non-fungible tokens named ‘The Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus’ to fete the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy VII.

In commemoration of Final Fntasy VII’s anniversary, @SquareEnix launches a set of NTFs dubbed ‘The Fianl Fantasy Vii Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus’. The collection features 200 artworks that can be collected physically and digitally

Square Enix is a worldwide video production and entertainment company founded in 2003 and based in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese company of video gaming is popular for its games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts,…

Square Enix has created new NFTs in association with Enjin which is a block chain protocol that focuses on gaming and non-fungible tokens. The NFTs are a set of 207 artworks, each owning 20 card packs ; they can be obtained in physical and digital manners.


A ticket that holders can gain in exchange for a digital card or a non fungible token of their choice has been displayed by the Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card packs. The requirement is that users download an Enjin Wallet app and create an account to obtain the new digital cards.

The Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card plus is a collection of 99 normal cards, 99 premium foil version cards and 3 “Secret Cards”. They described the three cards that are left out of 207 from each normal and premium card as “another normal” card.

Last month, Square Enix worked with Polygon to turn an art-collecting experience into a game called Symbiogenesis. The publisher of the video game uses the non-fungible tokens to more interact with its community.

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