Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Game Preview

Since Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective took control of the Nintendo DS, it has been well over 10 years. With a remastered release scheduled for June, the adventure game by Shu Takumi, the... Read more »

Termites Are Teaching Architects How To Cut Out Air Conditioning

Buildings that resemble termite mounds are being created by architects in an effort to save cooling and heating expenses. A recent research that appeared in the journal Frontiers detailed a technique that... Read more »

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-How to obtain the Evil Spirit Armor

One of the hardest armor sets to locate in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the Evil Spirit Armor, which has each component buried underground and concealed by two... Read more »

In 2023, AI startups raised $20 billion, and they continue to do so today

As more entrepreneurs and investors continue to get on board and get in on the trend, the artificial intelligence (AI) boom reaches new heights, as statistics indicates that investors have put $20... Read more »

Portuguese authorities may prohibit Huawei and other foreign firms from national 5G networks

Portugal forbids its telecom companies from using Chinese equipment in their blazingly fast 5G mobile networks and the 4G platforms on which the new technology is built, making it the most recent... Read more »

According to Bill Gates, AI personal assistants will destroy search engines and Amazon

Bill Gates, the company’s founder, predicts the demise of e-commerce sites like Amazon and search engines like Google as Microsoft continues to incorporate disruptive artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into the majority of... Read more »

Engineers Develop the World’s Most Effective Solar Cells

The efficiency of solar cells has increased dramatically in recent years thanks to the solar industry. It is urgently necessary to make advances in solar cell technology that can greatly boost their... Read more »

Former CEO of Slack Claims That Prestige Is Everything in Tech Hiring

Former Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield asserted that over hiring during prosperous economic times was the primary source of contemporary labor flaws during the wave of layoffs by renowned organizations around the world.... Read more »

Not just Nvidia, but the majority of top chip makers are gaining ground thanks to AI

The current increase in technology equities has been mostly fueled by artificial intelligence (AI). The AI craze has increased the value of IT businesses by around $4 trillion so far this year.... Read more »

Regarding its faulty MacBook keyboards, Apple settles a class action lawsuit for $50 million

Payments should soon start after the U.S. Federal court’s approval of Apple’s $50 million class-action settlement for consumer claims relating to the butterfly keyboard design used in some generations of the MacBook... Read more »