BTC: its price keeps at $28 000! Can we wait for a move this week?

At the start of the new week after the breakout to a 10 month high of $29 216 in March, Bitcoin holds at $28 000.  In spite of the fact that regulators fought to minimize the effects of the banking crisis in the USA and Switzerland, Ethereum and Bitcoin are still the two best-performing assets across universal markets.

BTC currently costs $27 800 after it dropped twice in four hours. Bulls could be waiting for it to hit $27 736 and use the fund provided by 100-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA).

In fact, Bitcoin buyers might be obliged to wait for the price to  lower before they jump in and push for the expected leap above $30 000 because rising the price above $28 000 has been a failure on Monday.

Is the BTC going to reach $30 000? What do experts predict?

While the banking crisis in the US ravaged other global markets in March, Bitcoin got over 24% in value. According to analysts, BTC has become mature over the years and can overcome some shakiness in the traditional financial sector.

As far as Ethereum, the second largest crypto, is concerned, experts predict a run up to $3 000 once the psychological resistance at $2 000.

Captain Faibik, a well-known analyst said that “$BTC Bulls have been Struggling to Regain the 29k S/R Crucial Level!!!” and he believes “A weekly Close above 29k will open the Doors for a Raily to 38k.”

Crypto Quant proposes “The end of the surrender (capitulation) period and what comes after” through an on-chain data. The inference is that the period may be borig but the undervalued period has already been passed.

BTC price: where is it headed?

The four-hour period graph describes a short period of time characterized by price lowering until Bulls are capable of taking the reins back. The largest crypto EMA is at $28 000.

If Bulls don’t get this support at $28 000in Friday’s session, we could be making a test of $100-day EMA at $27 332. BTC price might get down to a gap between $26 481 and $26 632. The overhead pressure submerged the congestion of the buyer.

As a sell signal from the MACD indicator is too much for BTC to cope with, the way with least resistance is to the downward tendency. Yet, traders expecting to sell Bitcoin short want to wait until it comes to $27 730. Or else, BTC may have taken a brief pause preceding another high breakdown of statistics beyond $30 000.

The timeframe of the day shows the same downtrend since BTC price fights to stay at $27 800. There is a possibility of a harsh result in the short period before the Bulls restrain their grip on the upward tendency as much as investors would expect BTC to rise above $28 000 and reaches $30 000.

According to the On-Balance-Volume, it is likely to slide lower to $28 858 instead of directly getting to $30 000 right away.

Bitcoin Alternatives

Some of the best altcoins in the market that offers a better risk-reward ratio and good for portfolio diversification may be considered by investors before they buy BTC.

Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is the first on the list of the tokens in presales. What makes the difference is its innovative approach that let individuals to openly discuss on hot topics.

LHINU is built on Ethereum blockchain. It promotes a secure voting ecosystem which enables users to freely debate, without fear. It could take on bigger meme coins like DOGE and SHIB. In the fast-selling presale, more than $2.56 million has been raised.

Metropoly is a platform that uses blockchain technology to initiate an advanced way of investment int the real estate industry. It offers its users the ability to invest in real estate properties around the world within just 20 seconds. Investors no longer need to wait for 60 days for the completion of any property purchase.

The platform is not only creating the first advanced NFT marketplace to support investment in income generating properties but also removing the need for intermediaries (like banks) which frequently introduce hidden charges.

Non-Fungible Tokens owners can sell their NFTs no matter when they want and enjoy the profits.

Also, some investors are purchasing METRO token in a continuous presale that has packed $1.11 million. 1 METRO is trading at $0.0769 at the tenth stage of the presale. Investors must hurry not to miss the opportunity.

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