Before sending newsletters, use these 8 top email subject line checkers

It takes time and effort to create the ideal newsletter. You put a lot of effort into crafting the perfect email text, inserting the appropriate links, formatting it appropriately, and positioning your call-to-action in a way that will encourage your subscribers to act.

But if the email is never even opened, it might all be for nothing. According to research, 33% of email recipients choose whether to open a message depending on the subject line. Another 69% of participants said that they would mark an email as spam based alone on the subject line.

Therefore, it is crucial to use thoughtful subject lines in all of your emails. Newsletters from Glitter Guide are an excellent illustration of intriguing subject lines. The company provides its subscribers with newsletters on different lifestyles.

Glitter Guide recognizes a requirement for novelty in all relevant information given that there is a new trend to discuss every day. In order to make the email more relevant and click-worthy for its readers, it links the newsletter headlines with the most recent news.

In a similar vein, you must thoroughly research your target and see what appeals to them. However, it’s a universal truth that the majority of inboxes where your newsletter shows up are already crammed with emails. Your title must thus stand out from the others.

A superb subject line includes facts or figures, a standout justification, eye-catching details, and a promise. To obtain the best results, you must strike a balance between originality and market research while coming up with a headline for your newsletter.

If you find that all of this is too much labour, technology has you covered. Email subject line testers are tools that have a variety of capabilities and make use of cutting-edge technology to assist you in creating the greatest headlines swiftly. These tools take into account several headline elements that affect your audience.

They recommend the ideal headline length, monitor the use of emotive terms, and avoid words that set off spam filters. GeekFlare looks at eight amazing tools:


You can receive a data-supported score (%) for your newsletter headline using the Omnisend tool. The program examines your text to give it a score and makes suggestions for improvement. Below is a breakdown of the subject line « Recipe blog update: revenue up 45% from last year. »

The Omnisend headline analyzer shows the length and a breakdown of the words and characters. It offers ideas for safer word replacements for phrases that cause spam. Additionally, it examines how numbers are used as well as capitalization.

It is a rather thorough tool to use, similar to Omnisend, and you can check a preview of your newsletter subject line on both desktop and mobile devices.


Although it is a content marketing software program, this one is renowned in the industry for having an email subject line tester. The tool’s main objective is to produce related subject lines that increase conversion rates.

The terms in your subject line that boost email open rates are given a higher rating by CoSchedule. It notably encourages the use of positive words, which are simple to choose from its own Word Bank. The CoSchedule email headline analyzer advises getting rid of negative words.

Even input on the scenario that makes the greatest subject lines for newsletters is provided by the application. The number of characters, words, and emojis may all be found among other pertinent information.

The CoSchedule email subject line analyzer also provides a sample of how the subject line will appear on desktop and mobile devices. Is it not fantastic?

Send Check It

Message Check An extensive email subject testing tool is provided. Your newsletter’s headline is compared to that of more than 100,000 marketing emails. Based on this comparison, the program produces ratings. It offers you a result that has been shown to be effective.

In addition to the grade, it provides advice on how to make your topic line stronger. It evaluates your subject line based on 16 criteria. Message Check It assesses the readability and length of the headline. A preview of the email in your target audience’s inbox is also provided by the application.

It describes the potential appearance of the email subject line and sender name on desktop and mobile viewing. Additionally, you may do a comprehensive sentiment analysis of the subject line of your newsletter.

With the use of this tool, you can decide whether your subject line will make your readers feel positively, negatively, or neutrally. The program does a thorough examination, including a scan of phrases that spam filters could flag.

For example, it checks for a phony « RE: » or « FWD: » at the start of your topic that can momentarily increase your open rates.

The application also goes through capitalization, punctuation, and emoji use rules in addition to reading grade level. The tool assists you in personalizing your newsletter’s content to increase open rates, among other things.


To facilitate the generation of content, Automizy introduced Mizy. An AI-powered bot named Mizy may assist you in selecting the ideal email subject line for your newsletter. The program compares headlines to current campaigns in order to rate them.

In order to increase the open rates of your newsletter, it examines the effectiveness of different campaigns and offers click-worthy subject lines. Mizy utilizes deep learning to assist you in creating more effective newsletter headlines.

To examine the open and click-through rates, it uses a database of emails. Mizy, an AI-driven platform, uses the information to categorize campaigns into those that are functioning well and those that are not.

Your headline is given a performance-based evaluation by the bot, which assigns it a score out of 100. Additionally, it offers advice on how to make your copy stronger. The main drawback is that Mizy is still in the beta stage, so you can run into bugs and other problems when utilizing the bot.

Nevertheless, it is a useful email tester that generates subject lines that appear to have been written by you.


Zurb, a provider of design and branding solutions, provides a tool called Test Subject for checking headline look on mobile devices. The majority of individuals access emails on their mobile devices, and this figure is only going to climb as more and more people use digital technology.

Zurb discovered that on certain devices, the email topics and preview are both abbreviated. A bad headline presentation might turn off your reader. Your efforts might be wasted if you use incomplete sentences and incorrect language.

You may use Test Subject as a tool to help you with these problems. It guarantees that your email subject lines work with all current smartphone screens available in the market. You can easily construct mobile-friendly newsletter headers with the tool’s aid.

Test Subject provides a sneak peek of the preheader content, sender name, and headline. You may use this sample to make sure your newsletter’s subject line displays correctly in the mailbox of your readers.


The most user-friendly platform for headline analysis is Mailshake. Your material is examined for readability and spammy terms using its free tool. Email length, terms that set off spam filters, and links are all evaluated by the email analyzer. We don’t simply mean the email content when we say « copy, » we also include the subject line.

It provides you with detailed suggestions for editing your material so that deliverability and readability increase. To get an above-average open rate, Mailshake advises using customised subject lines with 30 characters or less.

Even the email headline is advised to convey a feeling of urgency, although click-baits are discouraged. It concluded that if the email text does not complement your title, the effect of your heading would also be diminished.

Entrepreneurs, marketers, and salesmen use Mailshake as the best tool for writing appealing headlines with rapid assistance and for sending personalized cold emails in mass.


The easiest subject line tester that provides a high-level analysis of your email headline is this free application. Do not anticipate your subject lines to be examined in the case of other testers, but it is useful to assess any subject line on marketing and performance metrics.

In order to identify filtering and deliverability problems, examines your subject line. After the tool has gone through a thorough screening procedure on your topic line, you are given an overall evaluation. The 800 different rules that are compared to your headline are scored.

It gives you the opportunity to examine where and how the email title might be improved. The evaluation is based on how well has consistently tracked and evaluated the performance of email messages delivered.

Is Not Spam

By using this tool, you may avoid using trigger phrases in the subject line of emails. By doing this, spam filters won’t mark your emails as spam. By putting your material through five checks, the free program provides an extensive spam report.

Included in the tests are SPF Check, Sender-ID Check, DomainKeys Check, DKIM Check, and SpamAssassin Check. Words or phrases that are deemed spam in your email’s subject line or text are captured.

In its thorough study, Is Not Spam identifies spam-related issues and offers recommendations on how to resolve them. Additionally, to make sure your email is clear of spam, the email headline analyzer tool also checks the email’s body.

Are you prepared to improve your email subject lines?

You may enhance your CTR and write effective newsletter headlines with the aid of the tools provided above. Some of them even provide in-depth analysis to assist you in contrasting your email with other successful marketing initiatives.

Testing what works for your audience is nonetheless a good idea. You may choose from a variety of tactics to increase the open rates of your emails.

But more significantly, you must make an investment in creating compelling headlines since they draw readers in and raise the open rate (OR) of your email.

They assist you in achieving your newsletter goals, such as greater website traffic, landing page views, or enrollments.

Tips for creating email subject lines that convert

Now that you are aware of the significance of a strong email subject line and how crucial it is to increase open rates, let’s look at how you can write one quickly:

1. Make sure the subject line has the name of a real person

It immediately personalizes the email’s content. You don’t want your readers to believe they are getting emails from a robot. After all, a person does send out such newsletters. Therefore, be sure to maintain that casual relationship by utilizing the subscriber’s name in the headline, just like Licious did in an email to me.

2. Employ strong words

Absolutely! Words like « inspire, » « only for you, » and « faster » are effective because they immediately catch the email recipient’s attention and instill a sense of urgency in them. Power words should, of course, be used in the context of your email. Keep your email heads brief and straightforward if you think you can do without them. In addition, you may utilize the terms below that have a high conversion rate:

3. Prior to mailing, check your subject lines

To make your email subject lines more conversion-friendly, use any of the tools we already discussed above. You may occasionally compose good email subject lines and other times, bad ones. Your mailings will only include subject lines of the highest calibre thanks to these testers.

4. Test your subject lines with an A/B test as you send

You might create a thousand different email subject lines, but you must A/B test them to make sure your subscribers will really read your message. You may get help with the split-testing procedure from email service providers like ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, and MailChimp.

5. Recall to use emojis

According to research, 92% of web users regularly utilize emojis. This is not at all unexpected given the daily sending of over 10 billion emojis. Why not use them sparingly in your email subject lines instead? Use appropriate emojis from websites like by copying and pasting them into your message.

Naturally, don’t use too many emojis in a single sentence. Consider them a garnish and only include them when it makes sense or when they help to convey your point. The goal is to stand out, not to confuse your email receivers.


The importance of crafting strong email subject lines cannot be overstated, regardless of your sector. There are tools available to you, which is a blessing, to assist you analyze and drastically raise your open rates. Use them to your advantage and put a lot of effort into them if you want to enhance user engagement and shareability rates.

All the best!

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