Apple’s AirTags Are Currently Available on Amazon for $20 each

Just a few days have passed since Memorial Day, which brought huge discounts on products by the tech giant, and we’re just a few days away from what may be Apple’s most important event in quite some time.

But right now, you can purchase a four-pack of AirTags on Amazon for the lowest cost of 2023—just $79.99. The best part is that an AirTag costs just $20 instead of its usual $29 price. Furthermore, the four-pack’s prior discounted price of $89.99 has been reduced by an additional $10.

It’s likely that this offer won’t last long, so if you’re convinced, we recommend going straight away to Amazon (AMZN) – Get Free Report. But first, let’s talk about what makes the AirTag a great item tracker and why it can be useful for travelling.

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Apple AirTag Four-Pack, reduced from $99 to $79.99 on Amazon

You should really end your search at an AirTag if you have an iPhone and have been thinking about obtaining an item tracker. These link with your iPhone really quickly, just like AirPods Pro or an Apple Watch, and as they are an Apple (AAPL) product, they sync with your iCloud account right away.

The actual AirTag is a tiny, round tracker with a decent amount of technology housed inside a sleek design. It is constructed of plastic and stainless steel. In addition to various additional sensors, it has a user-replaceable battery, a speaker with a loud speaker volume, an ultra-wide-band U1 chip, and Bluetooth. For a place to be displayed on a map and for you to be able to ping it, everything works together.

Simply place the AirTag next to your iPhone after setting the battery down by pulling the tab on the back of the device. Then, follow the directions on the splash screen that will display. The AirTag will have a name, you may choose an icon for it, be synced with your iCloud account, and you can even set up additional features to help you locate it in case it ever disappears.

In contrast to certain other item trackers, like the Tile, the AirTag links to Apple’s FindMy network, which has widespread coverage. It’s the same one that lets you ping your iPhone in an emergency or locate it on a map and is supported by a wide range of gadgets, including Macs, iPads, Apple Watches, and AirPods. The location is completely encrypted and is not also kept.

After the AirTag is configured, you may use the FindMy app to view its position, ping it, and, with a more recent iPhone, perform « Precision Finding. » You may ask the iPhone to give you turn-by-turn directions while you’re nearby if, like me, you ever misplace your keys with an AirTag on them. You can also use Siri on your iPhone or a HomePod to ping your AirTag by name to determine where it is.

For instance, you might purchase this four-pack for the next summer travel season and place an AirTag in your luggage to follow it as it passes through the airport. By doing this, you can watch it as it navigates the baggage systems and is securely loaded aboard the aircraft, rather than having to rely only on the airline.

When it comes time to recharge, Apple’s AirTag should last for at least a year, and you’ll be notified when the battery is getting low. Then you may quickly replace it on your own with a brand-new CR2032 battery, which are widely accessible.

When you purchase this four-pack, an AirTag costs just $20, making this the best deal ever—at least for 2023. It’s a fantastic offer that most likely won’t continue for long.

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