A List of the Top 11 Java IDEs and Online Compilers for Effective Development

Java IDEs are effective tools that aid in the production of high-quality software development code by your developers. They provide you a ton of advantages in addition to streamlining the entire software development process.

But why do you really need it?

It’s because project management, coding, testing, and debugging can all get complicated, especially if you’re working on a big project. Additionally, you can’t afford to let inefficiencies fester since they will interrupt the entire development process.

Java IDEs appear to be useful for this.

So let’s talk about Java IDEs more and look at some of the best solutions on the market.

A Java IDE: What is it?

Let’s first grasp Java and IDE in order to comprehend Java IDE.

One of the most well-known programming languages is Java, which Sun Microsystems launched in 1995. It is a high-level, potent language that can be used as a development platform to create mobile and web apps that are quick and responsive.

Numerous industries, including as Information technology (IT), banking, finance, and many more, use the language. It commands a sizeable portion of the online industry and has grown to be so strong that many websites and applications cannot run without Java.

In other words, you need an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) if you wish to use Java to write code for your application. It’s because it streamlines the entire development process, from writing to testing and debugging, which is particularly valuable for large systems with a lot of files and classes that make it challenging to manage everything.

Imagine an IDE as a workspace or laboratory with all the supplies you’ll need to explore and build a product.

Similar to this, an IDE is a workstation in software development that has the equipment required to create programs. It is simply a software program that simplifies project management and aids in syntax and code completion. Compilers, debuggers, text editors, and other features are also included. IDEs are available for many different programming languages, such as Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C, and C++.

This article focuses on Java IDEs, the tools used by developers to write Java code, test and debug it, and produce top-notch online and mobile applications.

What is the mechanism?

Code editor, compiler, and debugger are the three primary parts of an integrated development environment (IDE).

  • A program that lets you write and update code
  • A compiler to execute your code and display any problems by converting the source code into a language that is machine-readable and executable
  • A debugger to troubleshoot your code, fix bugs, and improve it.

A graphical user interface (GUI) makes all of them available.

Some development procedures may be automated using an IDE. Data and object modeling, a source-code library, and unit testing are further characteristics that it may have. In order to locate the Java keywords and functions, it must also include a code completion functionality. An IDE also has a resource management feature that helps you locate any missing resources, headers, libraries, etc.

Why is a Java IDE necessary?

Developers are friends with a decent IDE. In a single workspace, they can easily develop, edit, test, and debug their code. To learn more about the advantages of utilizing IDEs for Java-based programs, let’s take a closer look:

More rapid and simple development

You can create your code more quickly and effectively if you have a Java IDE at your disposal. Its built-in code editor guarantees that you may create and update code there before swiftly moving on to testing, debugging, and creating logical, high-quality code for your project. You may save time and work this way.

Java IDEs also spare developers the time it takes to select the best tool for a given task, learn how to use it, and configure it. It will guarantee that everyone in your business adheres to a consistent development standard to create effective code.

Streamlined project management and automation

The development procedures may be automated using Java IDEs. It keeps developers from performing laborious, repetitive activities, allowing them to use their time more effectively on other projects. You may also examine all the resources to simplify your project management thanks to it.

One interface that is simple to utilize

Compiler, code editor, debugger, and other helpful tools and capabilities are all included in Java IDEs under a single, user-friendly graphical interface. As a result, the engineers don’t have to switch between several tools and programs to acquire all they need. It creates an orderly workplace and lessens difficulties.

Increasees the effectiveness of developers

Java IDEs are simple to set up and use. Developers can write code quickly thanks to the aforementioned characteristics. They are more productive and have greater motivation to complete tasks quickly as a result.

How do I pick a Java IDE?

Based on your precise software development needs, pick a Java IDE. Numerous variables, including:

  • Application type: Consider the application or project type you wish to create. Now determine if the Java IDE you intend to use is appropriate for your needs or not. It must provide the characteristics needed to aid in development.
  • Growth procedure: Check to see if the IDE supports the team’s development process. The IDE you use needs to be compatible with the development standards that each team has established.
  • Skills: Take a look at how difficult or simple it is to set up and utilize the Java IDE. If your team includes inexperienced developers, you must select a user-friendly IDE; however, if your team includes experienced developers, you can consider additional possibilities.
  • Tool preferences: The team and individual developers may have different standards or preferences for certain tools. You can use a specific Java IDE if your developers have used it before and liked it.

Let’s now discuss the best Java IDEs and compilers for effective software development.

IntelliJ IDEA

To increase developer productivity, IntelliJ IDEA is an efficient and powerful IDE for JVM. When this ergonomic design is matched with clever coding, it increases development productivity and enjoyment.

By making pertinent suggestions in each context, such as on-the-fly code analysis, trustworthy refactoring tools, and rapid code completion, IntelliJ IDEA gives you a lightning-fast experience. Additionally, since you do not need to install plugins for this, your task is made simpler.

All the required tools, including integrated version control systems, supporting languages, and a wide range of supported frameworks, are available. Only the kinds you would anticipate in the given context are suggested as code completion options in IntelliJ IDEA.

Even though it is an IDE for Java, it also offers and comprehends coding support for other languages, like JPQL, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and others. To free you up to concentrate on the larger picture, the IDE also anticipates demands and automates time-consuming, repetitive processes. Additionally, the compiler always strives to minimize the chance of disrupting the flow of the developer.

Other things that IntelliJ IDEA takes care of include browsing through a list of items, switching a setting, opening a tool window, and completing a field. The most recent features are included, including actions on saving, project-wide analysis for Java projects, managing Maven and Gradle dependencies, updated inspections, diagram structure view, multiple copyright years, complex settings, and more.

Get IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for just $499 per user for the first year, $399 per user for the following year, and $299 per user for years three and beyond. You may also ask for a free 90-day trial for your team.

Eclipse IDE

Along with other great IDEs like PHP, JavaScript/TypeScript, C/C++, and others, Eclipse IDE also provides a Java IDE. It enables you to incorporate support for and features from many languages into any standard packages and creates a limitless number of extensions and modifications.

Wherever you travel and from wherever you left off, Cloud IDE will have your program. By utilizing your browser to create alongside hosted workspaces, you may experience contemporary development scenarios for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Java.

Create cutting-edge developer tools by utilizing broad platforms. Create tools and services to put them together into fresh bundles or IDEs for your brand. To create distributed services, desktop tools, browser interfaces, etc. that you may publish in Eclipse Marketplace, you can use a variety of platforms.

Install a great selection of tools into the Eclipse desktop IDE, including a GUI builder and tools for reporting, testing, modeling, and other tasks. Install your choice IDE packages after downloading Eclipse technology 2021-09.

Apache NetBeans

Use the development environment, application framework, and tools platform of Apache NetBeans to put everything together. It is more than just a text editor that emphasizes source code semantically and syntactically and enables efficient code refactoring using a variety of strong and practical capabilities.

You may build apps in PHP, Java, and other languages with the use of wizards, templates, and editors. Install Apache NetBeans on any operating system that supports Java, such as Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and Windows. Run anywhere you want once you’ve finished writing.

Take advantage of new features by downloading the most recent version of Apache NetBeans 12.5.

Oracle JDeveloper

Get an integrated development environment that surrounds Oracle JDeveloper for free and streamlines the development process at each stage of the lifetime of an application. Coding, debugging, monitoring, modeling, and deployment are all fully supported by the IDE.

The Oracle platform has each one optimized. Integrated Java EE, Java, Web services SOAP/RESt, Mobile, Web, Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware components, and more are also included.

In order to increase the developer’s efficiency when creating applications, JDeveloper provides a declarative and visible method. Through the use of visual editors, editing dialogs, structural panels, and property inspectors, it lessens tiresome code.

Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework) is a complete development framework with unmatched productivity that is developed on top of the Java platform enterprise edition. The framework offers integrated solutions for a variety of levels, including the creation of business services, rich web, desktop, mobile, data access, etc.


Millions of people use BlueJ, which is an application for novices, all around the world. You may create many tools with this free Java programming environment. It provides an extension API so that other developers may create environment add-ons.

The basic system’s extra functionality will be provided by the extensions. In order to run, BlueJ needs 64-bit Windows, Windows 7 or later, OS X 10.11 or later, and 64-bit Debian Buster, Ubuntu 18.10 or later. BlueJ utilizes Java/JavaFX 11+. Additionally, standalone zip, which works well on USB drives, is available for download.


JCreator is the best Java IDE if you’re seeking for one. In comparison to other Java IDEs, it is more effective, more trustworthy, and speedier. The ideal programming tool for programmers of all skill levels is JCreator. You may choose from a wide range of functions, including project templates, code completion, a syntax-highlighted editor, project administration, a debugger interface, and wizards.

Run Java programs successfully without initially activating the main document. JCreator launches the tool after automatically looking for the HTML file or main method file containing the Java applet.

JCreator is a productive program since it was totally created in C++. An sophisticated editor with code-folding, pop-ups for code completion, pop-ups for code snippets, code identifiers, source code navigation, support for JSP, Ant, and CVS, as well as a feature-rich debugger, are also included.

To test it out, download JCreator.


You have access to jGRASP, an integrated development environment with visualizations that improves the understandability of software. CSD is added, the most recent Java 17 language features are supported, and a lightweight development environment is provided.

Every platform that supports the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) may run jGRASP, which generates CSDs for C, C++, Java, VHDL, Ada, Python, and Objective-C. You’ll receive:

  • CPGs (Complexity Profile Graphs) for Java and Ada.
  • Java class diagrams using UML.
  • Dynamic object viewers that function alongside a Java workbench and debugger integrated.

The tool provides a data structure identifier mechanism that can identify items that represent common data structures including stacks, queues, binary trees, hash tables, and linked lists. Each is shown in a presenting view that is understandable and textbook-like.

Eclipse and IntelliJ (Android Studio and IDEA) plugins for jGRASP offer canvas functionality and viewers to those IDEs. In the case of IntelliJ, the canvas and viewers operate using Kotlin(JVM) code. Additionally, it is constructing a lldb/gdb interface for the visualizations and debugger, with initial support for C and C++. JGRASP develops fresh concepts and features in tandem for your benefit.

MyEclipse by Genuitec

Get access to the greatest Java IDE for enterprise development that MyEclipse offers, which combines the most popular technologies into a single solution. The ability to produce flawless code has improved productivity from Spring to WebSphere and Java EE to Maven.

The greater tools you have, the easier it will be to create a dynamic frontend with a useful and strong backend. Powerful apps are designed by many businesses using feature-rich IDEs. The most recent version of Eclipse comes with built-in wizards and libraries, database tools, a built-in Tomcat server, Maven project management, Enterprise reporting, and much more.

You will gain support for Angular, JavaScript debugging, TypeScript validation, HTML auto-complete, CodeLive for web pages, and more to create a better front end. Use of the program requires Mac OS 10.9 or later, contemporary Linux, or Windows 7 or later.

Try MyEclipse for free for 30 days to get unlimited access to the tool suite, Maven project management, Spring development, WebSphere support, and cutting-edge database technology. From $31.75 per user/year, select the license that most suits your requirements.

AWS Cloud9

With a debugger, terminal, and code editor, AWS Cloud9 is the cloud IDE for creating, executing, and debugging code using a browser. To avoid having to install any files or set up the development computer to start a new one, you will receive necessary tools for programming languages like Python, JavaScript, PHP, and more.

You may use it from any location as long as you have an internet connection because it is cloud-based. You may create serverless apps with AWS Cloud9 that specify resources, debug, and switch between remote and local execution.

Use a software to pair with your team, monitor everyone’s inputs in real time, and easily share your environment. Additionally, you will have the freedom to execute your software on any Linux server that supports SSH or an Amazon EC2 instance.

Time-saving tools including code completion, step-through debugging, and code hinting are offered by Cloud9. It already has the SDKs, plugins, and libraries necessary for serverless development set up in the environment. With the Command-Line Interface, you may directly contact AWS services to execute instructions quickly and simply.

Also included are capabilities like an editor, a sizable number of run settings, an integrated debugger, tools for serverless development, access to the Linux server platform, a built-in terminal, editing, chatting, a delivery toolchain, and more.

If you operate an IDE with default settings for 4 hours per day, 20 days per month, and a 30-minute hibernation setting, your monthly fee is $2.05 for 90 hours. Make a cost calculation based on your requirements.

These are the best Java compilers and IDEs you can choose from. Try the tools listed below, nevertheless, if you wish to execute your code immediately in your web browser without needing to do any preparations.


You’re able to quickly and simply execute your Java code online using Geekflare’s Online Java Compiler without any setup. This online code execution platform is powered by Judge0.

Along with Java, it also supports Python, C, C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Bash, Ruby, and Haskel. Simply enter your Java code and press the « Run » button to begin going. Please be patient while the Online Java Compiler completes its task and provides you with the output. The best part is that you may use it for studying at no cost.


You ought to try Replit, an online Java IDE editor, compiler, interpreter, and REPL. Java may be immediately coded, collaborated on, compiled, shared, executed, and deployed from your browser. One of the finest locations to code is on Replit’s fault-tolerant, well-tested cloud infrastructure since you can get started coding right away.

Replit supports the most popular programming languages and interacts with GitHub so you can simply write from your browser. DMGs, WTFs, and ZIPs begin coding immediately in the absence of PKGs. Use Replit with Windows, Linux, macOS, or an other operating system like Chromebook. There is no need for installations, configurations, or downloads because it creates the environment for you.

Starting with a GitHub repository will allow you to commit and push changes without using the terminal. So that contributors may make changes to your repo, add the « Run on Replit » badge to README. Replit’s IDE also builds and executes a variety of languages, including Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, and more.

Make your workstation your own with plugins and themes to make yourself at home. Manage folders and files in your store in the same manner that you do on local devices. Debugging, auto-complete, and linting are just a few of the common and sophisticated IDE capabilities that are available to you.

You can upgrade to two dedicated CPUs for extra performance or keep the default speed of 0.2–0.5 vCPUs. Receive free RAM up to 500 MB and, if needed, an upgrade to 2 GB. Enjoy 100 MB of free storage and, if needed, subscribe to limitless storage.

Get IDE online for as $7 per month.


You can generate high-quality code quickly and easily with the aid of powerful Java IDEs, which will also lead to effective project management. According to your needs, tastes, and level of expertise for developing apps, choose one of the Java IDEs mentioned above.

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