From Fortune 500 firms to video game brands with billion dollar valuations, it seems like every business is working on Metaverse initiatives to provide their consumers a special experience. The greatest Metaverse projects for this year are listed and reviewed in this guide by our crypto and NFT specialists.

The Metaverse provides users the freedom to create, grow, and explore virtual worlds.

Many VC investors are pouring billions of dollars into play to earn gaming and metaverse projects, for example Sony invested $1 billion in the metaverse with Epic Games in Q1 2022 — two video game giants known for the PlayStation and Fortnite series. The concept of the metaverse has high potential and has attracted the attention of many industries outside of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology sector.

Blockchain gaming activity has increased by 2000% over the past year, according to a research published in April by blockchain analytics company DappRadar. Below is a beginner’s handbook for individuals who are unfamiliar with the metaverse. We’ve analyzed both current and forthcoming metaverse initiatives to keep an eye on.


The top projects in the metaverse that we choose are all thoroughly reviewed below:

1. Calvaria

Players in the most recent P2E battle card game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity can engage in combat with one another using NFT playing cards and take part in competitive tournaments. Each card depicts a 3D avatar with a different set of attributes, and users may design their own sets and strategies to compete against other players. Calvaria’s features include a DAO, native RIA token, NFT playing cards, and staking pools.

Investors have the chance to purchase the RIA token from Calvaria at the lowest price right now thanks to a crypto presale. There will be 30 million RIA tokens available during the presale. Calvaria is made more unique by the existence of its own DAO.

Players who possess the game’s native cryptocurrency token, RIA, have the ability to decide Calvaria’s future. This is significant because it allowed players a voice in how the game would go.

2. Silks

Most blockchain investors are seeking for income prospects with long-term potential or at least some connection to real-world reality while discussing the metaverse. With its very advanced P2E environment, Silks makes all of this feasible. It was designed to function similarly to the horse racing industry, which pays out over $1 billion in prizes annually.

The project primarily uses racehorse NFTs, which are genuine horses represented in token form. Therefore, Silks will upload any real-time data that is available on the horse if it wins races or becomes more in demand. The NFT’s value will consequently rise as a result of this.

When the horse whose image appears on the NFT wins a real-world race, the NFT holder will also get a number of prizes.

Users must first buy an Avatar, which is likewise connected to the metaverse, in order to be able to own a horse, though. The Silks Genesis Avatars collection, which was just released, is made up of these NFT avatars in the shape of jockeys. Investors anticipate a significant increase in value for the collection in the coming months, which has already seen a surge in demand as predicted.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

If the investor plays his cards well, silks might be one of the finest investment prospects. Players can purchase land plots in the Silks metaverse as well (NFTs will be accessible shortly). These land plots may be utilized to develop and interact with in-game assets including racehorse farms, stables, and ownership pools.

Even for those who are just starting out in the field, being a part of a community on the same platform will open up more earning chances. While these qualities are already commendable, developers have promised that they would always seek to enhance and introduce exciting updates to the Silks ecosystem.

3. Tamadoge

The Tamaverse, which consists of the native cryptocurrency Tamadoge, the mintable and tradeable NFTs in the shape of Tamadoge Pets, and the Tamadoge Store, is the next big thing after the Tama token. With their OpenSea auction on October 6, Tamadoge revealed the first iteration of their NFTs.

Tamadoge will ultimately amass a collection of 21,100 NFT digital collectibles, which are classified into three rarity tiers: ultra-rare, rare, and common. Players may compete and advance up the leaderboard in order to receive $TAMA prizes since each Tamadoge NFT will be distinct in its characteristics and abilities.

Once Tamaverse’s main game is published, a Tamadoge puppy will be airdropped to current NFT holders. The primary game will make advantage of this puppy form. The combat will develop and alter as players engage with a variety of adversaries and other players. In the next months, Tamadoge will also provide access to its regular NFT collections.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

Tamadoge, a cryptocurrency that is essentially meme coin 2.0, is the newest alternative coin to join the Dogecoin community. The project offers a metaverse, an NFT store, peer-to-peer (P2P), and useful token usage, making it the first meme coin blockchain project to do so.

Users may raise pets by purchasing and enhancing NFTs in the Tamaverse, a virtual world. These so-called « virtual pets » are raised and developed until they are mature enough to compete with other gamers.

Two important resources on the platform are Tamadoge (TAMA) tokens and Tamadoge pets. For in-game transactions in Tamaverse, the TAMA token is used. Along with that, you may use them to buy Tamadoge pets.

4. Souls Of Nature

A recent project with a lot of potential, Souls of Nature, started in 2022. With its own tradeable NFTs and a mission to save threatened species and their ecosystems, Souls of Nature is both a metaverse game and an extensive metaverse initiative.

The in-game avatars for players in this metaverse gaming experience are animals as Souls of Nature is devoted to animal wildlife and environmental concerns. In this immersive HD Unreal engine-powered game, you’ll be reincarnated as an animal spirit and given a task to protect the ecosystem.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

The Souls of Nature collection, which will be available in 2022 as part of their forthcoming NFT drop, will have 9,271 different animal NFTs. The world’s organizations that fight to protect endangered species of animals and their ecosystems will get a share of the mint’s earnings as a donation.

Through numerous tasks in the Souls of Nature metaverse, your animal avatar will be able to advance and change, allowing you to earn cryptocurrency while supporting environmental and animal welfare causes.

For a project that is still in the planning stages, the Souls of Nature metaverse images on the website appear to be pretty amazing. By the end of the year, the project will also have its own native coin, $ZOOIE. Additionally, a beta version of the game will be available to all ZOOIE owners early.

In a word, this new game will enable you to earn money while being environmentally conscious. Visit the project route map on the official Souls of Nature website to learn more.

A built-in NFT marketplace for selling Souls of Nature NFTs is also included in the schedule, along with 7% royalty fees for sales on secondary marketplaces.

Visit their official website and check for the Twitter and Discord connections to sign up for the community. This project is being led by Metazooie Studios, a Web3 metaverse design firm based in Mexico with a varied global workforce of remote workers.

We’ll be keeping a watch on this intriguing project to see how they use NFT technology to accomplish their aims of animal protection. The team is aware that some of the criticism of NFTs relates to the environmental impact they have, and they want to employ NFTs to mitigate that.

5. Real Estate Investment Club

One of the graphics designers from the video games Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption produced Real Estate Investment Club, a collection of excellent, original, generative, and NFTs.

Your access code and avatar to REIC – MetaCity, the Real Estate Investment Club Metaverse, are provided by NFTs. The Digital Asset Property Group (DAPG) is accessible via the NFTs as well.

By achieving that goal, non-fungible tokens will become more widely accepted.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

Real estate and financial specialists may gather, exchange ideas, and interact in the virtual environment known as REIC – MetaCity. It will be the destination for those who want to learn about real estate and finance.

Players may monetise their goods and services in the metaverse to build a thriving economy.

The REIC MetaHQ is in MetaCity. A team of developers, designers, and architects will work together to establish a central HQ worthy of the term. Members of the Real Estate Investment Club will gather and hang out mostly at the HQ. The company plans to organize meetups there, as well as provide educational and advisory services, access to industry leaders, and future investment opportunities.

Holding the NFT gives the following benefits:

  • Access to the REIC’s MetaCity and headquarters only through the Metaverse
  • Actual events The group plans to have exclusive real-world gatherings in upscale places, with Edinburgh being the first.
  • Education – REIC – MetaCity will offer training in real estate, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.
  • Through the Web3 platform and the metaverse, connect with neighbors and interact.

The REIC team anticipates the future tokenization of real estate assets on the blockchain. They also think that these tokens will be divided and fractionalized into tiny bits to represent real estate holdings. They want the REIC to be a trailblazer in developing the necessary infrastructure to support tokenizing real estate and making it accessible on a global scale.

The fantastic thing about REIC – MetaCity is that it will be made on Unreal Engine 5, the same game platform that gave us Gears of War and Fortnite. This implies that the universe will be in high resolution with excellent gaming mechanics that have withstood the test of time, making it competitive with top-tier games made today.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a shrewd real estate investor, MetaCity is unquestionably the finest place to hang around.

6. Gala Games

Gala is a metaverse and decentralized gaming concept built on the Ethereum blockchain. Regaining community control is the project’s main objective. Gala wants players to determine the course that their favorite games should go, rather than the developers.

Using a founder node voting system, the Gala community decides on its course and goals for games and the metaverse. Gala has made available both VOX, a follow-up NFT collection, and Town Star, its first game. On its route to the moon, GALA has enormous upside potential.

Governance The management of the platform will be directly controlled by NFT holders. The NFTs will offer voting privileges to community members using the founding node voting technique. Gala has the capacity to alter how people perceive games and the metaverse.

Gala Games recently released a teaser for their upcoming « Project Saturn, » which has now been revealed to be a blockchain-based 4x strategic MMO game inspired by Battlestar Galactica. An eight thousand dollar budget is needed for a three-day corporate event in Malta, Spain (for event entrance and lodging, just to be clear). Galaverse attendees who would play Future Grit were additionally handed a unique loot chest that was tied to an NFTs and may be utilized in the game whenever it debuts.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

In the same universe as the revamped series, the Battlestar Galactica blockchain game will take set about 40 years after the First Cylon War. Every Cylon attack that ushers in a new season will bring with it a new set of circumstances that survivors will need to prepare for.

Each colony will have its own unique system of government, technology, and military. These coalitions will need to actively interact and plan in order to decide how each season will turn out. Their announcement article is cryptic on how NFTs would function or which components would be important. After announcing the availability of GRIT on the Epic Games Store, the Gala Games team will face a lot of pressure.

Everyone may engage in the games since they are all immersive and open-ended in this blockchain. Users own whatever they acquire or buy in-game, therefore they also utilize NFTs. This indicates that players may always buy and sell items on or off the GALA platform. The standard method of trade in Gala’s games will be GALA, the native token of Gala. This will boost player involvement and guarantee that the token’s usefulness is preserved.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap

Gala Games now has a market worth of around $439,927,000, and its 24-hour volume is $176,075,620.

7. Otherside

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most popular NFT collections we’ve ever seen. With 10,000 NFTs produced by an algorithm, it initially went online in April 2021. The Bored Ape Club is home to some of the most costly NFTs. The massive metaverse project being developed by Yuga Labs, the company behind BAYC, has already started. It’s a brand-new initiative with the name Otherside.

The idea, known as « The Otherside, » was originally announced in March 2022. Otherside is in no way analogous to subsidiary collections like the Bored Ape Kennel Club, despite the fact that some people may have thought of it as a continuation of the BAYC NFTs.

This new project is a totally other game. Even though the NFT community gave Otherside mixed reviews after its launch and it was plagued by bugs, it seems like it will be around. The Bored Ape NFT reality has reached the Otherside in its broadest distribution ever observed by us.

The NFT community got a sneak peek at what Yuga Labs was attempting to build with Otherside via its leaked 2022 pitch deck. In the presentation deck, the business claimed that it aims to « create something that not only expands the BAYC’s universe but also allows the greater NFT community (and those priced out of BAYC membership) to join. »

The organization said in a Discord post that the deck was « an old, obsolete pitch deck and a hysterical version that neither Gordon nor I ever saw. » But it seems like this is the exact goal the company is trying to accomplish with this project. The endeavor, according to the Otherside website, is primarily focused on creating a new world following a shift in their messaging. more specifically, in the metaverse.

The BAYC-connected MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) is the ultimate goal of the Otherside project. The game’s developers claim that it would incorporate elements of both MMORPGs and Web3-enabled virtual worlds.

More than 10,000 people will be able to play simultaneously, players will be able to own land in the globe, and NFTs will be able to be transformed into playable characters.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

Users will have access to an interoperable experience through Otherside’s own metaverse, which will enable them to travel between them. The project includes NFT collections from World of Women, Cool Cats, CrypToadz, and other sources.

In this sense, the metaverse will resemble an open-world video game, where players may own land and engage with varied ecosystems and the unique creatures that live there.

$450 million has been raised by Yuga Labs for the metaverse’s expansion. Yuga plans to use ApeCoin as its main money in Otherside. The same firm that created The Sandbox, animoca brands, is also working on The Otherside in conjunction with them.

This suggests that there could be a connection between the two metaverses. NFT owners will be able to utilize their NFTs as playable characters when Mutant Ape, Board Ape, CryptoPunk, and Kennel Club NFTs launch. Meebits will eventually be available, but it doesn’t seem like they will be at launch.

The Otherside’s available land parcels are yet another essential element. In games that take place in the metaverse, selling virtual land is a typical occurrence. The Otherside has done likewise. About 200,000 different pieces of land, each with a different global position, exist in this metaverse. During the final week of April, they first sold Otherdeeds for the Otherside. Keep in mind that the name « Otherdeeds » only refers to the NFTs that stand in for land plots, and the launch of the Otherside comprises 55,000 Otherdeeds.

According to reports, hackers stole over $250,000 in Ethereum and 32 NFTs after breaking into the Yuga Lab’s BAYC and Otherside, their metaverse discord service area, to post a phishing scheme. A link to a website where one could create their own free non-fungible tokens was provided by this phishing scam, which claimed to be an exclusive, limited offer for current BAYC, MAYC, and Otherside non-fungible token holders.

PeckShield, a blockchain cybersecurity company, estimates that 32 NFTs, including those from the Otherdeed, BAYC, Bored App Kennel Club, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club projects, were seized.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap

Gala Games now has a market value of about 596,226.3 ETH, and its 24 hour volume is 767.37 ETH.

8. Decentraland

Decentraland is best explained by drawing comparisons to sandbox video games. Popular examples of this genre are The Elder Scrolls and the GTA series. The closest comparison is probably Minecraft, which makes use of low-poly 3D visuals as well. As a result, users may communicate, explore, and do business over a wide map. Additionally, they have the ability to produce content that may later be sold for profit.

Decentraland is among the most well-known platforms in the Metaverse. In actuality, it is the most important factor in the capitalization of its coin.

One of the first metaverse platforms to be developed was Decentraland. The beta version of Decentraland was launched in 2019. In February 2020, it will make its formal debut. At the time, few people had heard of the metaverse, and Facebook had a long way to go before changing its name to Meta.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

A pure metaverse platform called Decentraland was created using the same concepts as classic video games like Sim City. It offers players virtual land that they may buy and then develop by setting up infrastructure. There are 90,601 plots available on the platform, each measuring 16 meters by 16 meters. A non-financial token (NFT) called a plot may be purchased with cryptocurrency.

The currency of Decentraland is MANA, a native ERC-20 token with a limited supply. The platform burns a percentage of its MANA supply whenever a non-fungible token (NFT) is purchased. « Non-fungible » designates a unique quality. For instance, money like Ether or MANA is fungible but an artwork is not. MANA was trading at $0.08 in January. Due to recent media coverage, it rose to $1.6 in mid-April. Outside of Decentraland, it has no use. Making it simpler to buy LAND tracts is its main objective.

When LAND originally debuted in 2017, the platform’s creators sold each unit for around $20. A parcel is a 3333-foot-long piece of ground. During the first auction, users purchased 34,356 LAND parcels for about $161,000,000 MANA, or about $30,000,000. The Decentraland Marketplace and secondary markets both offer LAND for sale. This non-fungible token has grown in popularity over the past few months.

One thing is for certain: virtual metaverses like decentraland will be around for a very long time due to Generation Z’s attraction to crypto, NFT, and Metaverse.

The price of MANA, the official currency of Decentraland, surged in 2021, and what was once a desolate country with no one paying it any attention is now gradually being filled with content as the number of Decentraland users rises. Numerous rivals in the metaverse are also becoming more and more well-known. The three most noteworthy are Somnium Space, The SandBox, and Axie Infinity. The latter recently sold nine virtual property parcels for $1.5 million.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap

Currently, Decentraland has a market cap of $1,534,697,710 and a 24 hour volume of $189,341,958.

9. ApeCoin

One of the most well-known cryptocurrencies as of right now in 2022 is ape coin. In just one year, the value of the digital currency (BAYC) created by the Bored Ape Yacht Club has increased by over 100%. In light of market capitalization, ApeCoin has risen to the top fifty list of digital assets. Nevertheless, that was in the past.

The APE bulls were unprepared for the over 40% price decline that occurred in just three days. Since the ApeCoin DAO’s introduction in April 2021, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has been one of the top non-fungible token collections with a lively community.

The whole Ape ecosystem is comprised by the members of the ApeCoin community. A well-known brand in the NFTs and digital collectibles industry, Yuga Labs is situated in Miami and was created in the year 2021. It is a member of the community of the ApeCoin decentralized autonomous organization and is best known for being the architects of the BAYC. The community uses ApeCoin as its main token in any project that it engages in.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club has been one of the most significant non-fungible token collections with a vibrant community ever since the ApeCoin decentralized autonomous organization launched in April 2021.

The collection of apes at the BAYC seem to be uninterested. Depending on your preferences and state of mind, you can give these monkeys whatever customization you want.

Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Eminem are only two of the international nominees for these works of art. A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is in charge of ApeCoin, an ERC-20 dominance and utility token in the APE ecosystem. Anyone who owns the coin has the right to cast a ballot on important matters of government.

Prior to buying ApeCoin, you must choose where you want to acquire it. Since its inception in March, a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges have ranked this well-known token as one of the top potential NFT projects and the most sought-after cryptocurrency based on investor preferences and the hottest cryptocurrencies of 2022. The most advantageous choice, however, could be to purchase ApeCoin via one of the cryptocurrency companies and exchanges listed below. eToro is generally the best place to buy ApeCoin from.

APE token owners cast votes and decide on issues like funding distribution, rule formulation, collaborations, project selection, and more. The community’s governance decisions must be put into action through the ApeCoin Foundation.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

The BAYC NFTs are connected to the Ethereum token known as apeCoin. It was created by a popular online community like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, thus it had a steady supply of customers from the beginning. Cryptocurrency users are more likely to be enthusiasts of the arts, culture, gaming, and entertainment.

The sale of metaverse property will also benefit the currency. ApeCoin may be purchased for a number of purposes, including as making payments, participating in NFT contests, and accessing exclusive APE ecosystem services. You should be aware that the currency is intrinsically connected to NFT-related volatility notwithstanding these characteristics.

The ApeCoin Foundation fosters the expansion of the ecosystem in its capacity as the decentralized autonomous organization’s legal representative. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is an independent organization that executes the community’s objectives. Five individuals from the technology and crypto areas make up the APE Board. Each year, ApeCoin users vote on new board members.

ApeCoin performs a variety of tasks in the ecosystem as a dominance and utility coin. Owners of Aoe will be able to participate in the DAO’s governance as well as access special elements of the ecosystem, including as games, events, commodities, and services.

The Web3 currency known as ApeCoin may be used to make purchases. Its design is the same as that of every other Web3 coin. Since ApeCoin is an ERC-20 token, most shops should accept it. In addition to serving as an NFT incentive, the free APE given to BAYC holders can be used immediately away. In order to participate in the ecosystem, third-party developers use ApeCoin to incorporate the currency into their services, games, and other endeavors.

ApeCoin is expected to connect with the next metaverse « Otherside » this year, making it a well-liked metaverse coin. As a result, ApeCoin will be used as a transaction token in meta markets. Players could receive rewards if the metaverse has Play to Earn (P2E) gaming components.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap

Currently, ApeCoin has a market cap of $1,424,598,061 with a 24 hour volume of $246,508,908.

10. The Sandbox

The concept of the Sandbox game is quite similar to Decentraland’s. Users are given the freedom to create, develop, purchase, engage, sell, and buy things in a virtual environment using this platform. In this blockchain-based metaverse, community members’ strength is highlighted by enabling them to simultaneously be both producers and users.

To create a truly open crypto metaverse, the idea also incorporates the usage of DAOs and NFTs. In order to keep users engaged, the project employs a play-to-earn technique that enables players to buy, sell, create, and accumulate goods in the metaverse that can be exchanged for real-world money rewards.

The Ethereum blockchain-based LANDs tokens (ERC-721) may be used to purchase land. Sandbox metaverse has 166,464 plots. To access the numerous games, locations, and hubs that The Sandbox metaverse has to offer, players can create avatars. It may be compared to a blockchain-based DeFi version of Minecraft. SAND is the native token of the Sandbox. It is an ERC20 utility token that may be used to acquire and dispose of lands and other items in The Sandbox.

The major form of payment on the platform is NFTs, and the ecology of the game is run by SAND.

The game was created by two Frenchmen, Sébastien Borget and Arthur Madrid. The Sandbox Corporation is located in Hong Kong, on the other hand. All the way back in 2011, the project first started. The company’s metaverse was formally unveiled in 2021. With the help of well-known investors, like Softbank, who contributed $93 million, the firm was able to raise a sizeable sum for this.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

The SAND token enables complete user engagement, provided that it adheres to the established protocol and facilitates all site-wide exchanges. It also enables these individuals to cast votes on the project’s future using DAO.

SAND has made sure that users and customers will not progress anything that the community does not desire by putting the metaverse in the hands of its decentralized community, providing opportunity for organic growth.

By acquiring or exchanging NFTs, users of The Sandbox may customize and personalize their experiences. VoxEdit, a platform feature, streamlines the process of producing NFT pieces, which « Game Maker » clients may use to personalize their games.

The Sandbox Marketplace or any other online store that takes The Sandbox’s NFTs will subsequently be able to sell their works. With the help of Game Maker, users may build 3D games on their own plots of land, and with the help of Voxel Editor, users can create voxels, the tiniest unit of 3-dimensional design, to bring natural creations like flora and fauna to life.

L’Oréal-owned NYX Cosmetics has collaborated with The Sandbox metaverse to create a diverse avatar collection showing a variety of makeup styles, according to a report by Ledger Insights. Despite representing minorities other than the LGBTQ+ community, the initiative is timed to coincide with Pride Month. The Metaverse of The Sandbox will include more than 8,000 avatars for sale in total.

To expand its users’ potential in the virtual world, Sandbox (SAND) makes use of both its own and OpenSea’s marketplaces. It has successfully bridged the blockchain and gaming industries, enabling both crypto natives and non-natives to create and sell their assets on a very safe platform.

It is linked with another well-known currency and has a tiny market capitalization, which might help you diversify your portfolio and meet your future financial demands. The Sandbox (SAND), one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world and one of the most well-known gaming platforms, is rated 37th on CoinMarketCap as of the day of publication and has a market valuation of over $1.3 billion.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap

With a market cap of $1,342,093,781 and a 24 hour volume of $268,947,368 now, SAND is in the green.

11. Somnium Space

An open-source, free project is Somnium Space. In addition to building homes and other structures, users may also create companies, play very realistic video games, and hold live events and concerts.

The platform was created in 2017 by Artur Sychov, the founder and CEO of Somnium Space, and it became live in September 2018. All appropriate hardware, including PCs, VR headsets, and web browsers, as well as mobile devices, can access the region in Somnium. The greatest and most unique virtual reality experience is what is prioritized while offering services to users.

This ranks it among the early adopters in the sector, among leaders in the industry like Decentraland. Somnium Space wants to open up access to metaverse technology and has very few admittance restrictions. It is significant because it adopts a democratic economic philosophy and plans to develop its own blockchain-based commercialization and revenue-generating system.

Independent, decentralized, free-market economies are essential for a metaverse platform to succeed. It is really borderless, in contrast to real-world economies, and there are no red lines restricting participation.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

Based on a concept, Somnium Area aims to give people a more open environment in which they may produce assets that can be exchanged for cash and make money. The Ethereum network, which acts as the foundation of Somnium Space’s underlying architecture, is used to do this. In-game things like wearables, land, and avatars are tokenized by the software using the Ethereum blockchain.

By separating the Somnium Space corporation from the value produced by participants, this feature enables them to profit from the value produced in the metaverse via the crypto and token markets.

Somnium Space uses CUBE as its native token, an ERC-20 token. The coin may be used to pay for virtual goods, metaverse goods and services, games and events, land rentals, and rewards for users with positive « karma. » A cryptocurrency wallet and custodian like Gemini are acceptable places to store CUBE.

To facilitate user transactions, the CUBE coin functions as a virtual equivalent of buying gaming tokens at an arcade. With an Ethereum wallet, gamers may store ETH, CUBE, and NFTs independently. CUBE links many things to enable in-game transactions. Although CUBE is now only compatible with video games, it will soon be extended to support the entire platform economy.

In order to distribute PARCELS (Land Parcels) to its stakeholders, Somnium Space has already carried out two Initial Land Offerings, or ILOs as they are known in the meta-world language. Players who wish to create their own Somnium planet must first buy land parcels, which they may then assign any NFT to and explore in VR.

You may use the Somnium WEB client or download the Somnium program to your computer to see the site or participate in this project.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap

Somnium Space now has a market cap of $20,706,817 with a 24-hour volume of $126,109.

12. Star Atlas

Another Metaverse initiative, it asks participants to maintain their spacecraft functioning after signing up by supplying enough fuel, ammunition, toolkits, and food to keep their fleets well stocked.

Players in Star Atlas may purchase and sell virtual goods like ships and minerals in the game’s market place. Although it is possible to buy in-game things using USDC, the NFT market is dominated by ATLAS.

The next-generation metaverse Star Atlas, which uses triple-A game design and Unreal Engine 5 visuals, recently declared that it will be putting more of an emphasis on security in order to ensure user privacy and digital security. All game actions in Star Atlas are controlled by the two game tokens POLIS and ATLAS.

Data from CoinGecko shows that the market cap of the payment token ATLAS is $18 million and that of the governance token POLIS is $14 million.

The Kudelski Group, the global leader in digital security and the market leader in providing security solutions for important blockchain-based apps, exchanges, and ecosystems, has designated Kudelski Security as a security partner in this multi-pronged campaign.

In order to safeguard the integrity of the Star Atlas metaverse, Kudelski Security will carry out ongoing audits and studies. Additionally, the two businesses will work together to create web3 security standards.

In order to enable gamers to instantaneously purchase non-fungible tokens and the in-game currency ATLAS using a credit card, metaverse design company Star Atlas this week partnered with cryptocurrency payments infrastructure startup MoonPay. This MoonPay will be in charge of allowing currency-to-crypto payments inside the Star Atlas ecosystem.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

According to game narrative, there are three main factions: MUD, Ustur, and ONI. The year is 2620. Players buy ships from the in-game market to start the game. A player’s ability to battle other factions and locate resources dispersed throughout the Star Atlas metaverse depends on their ability to use the numerous spacecraft, each of which has its own set of features, personnel, and components.

The MUD Territory, which has impressive weapons, is ruled by humans. Alien species control the ONI Region, often known as diplomacy, while sentient androids rule the Ustur Sector, which is widely renowned for its hull strength. Players select one of the three factions, which is a decision that is made permanently for that pocketbook, and then take part in the ongoing conflict in Star Atlas for control of territory, space, and politics.

The Star Atlas team distributes modules of their game model. Players in SCORE have the option of putting their assets at danger in order to acquire ATLAS by enlisting their spacecraft to support their faction’s side of the conflict.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap

Star Atlas currently has a market cap of $15,119,166 and a 24 hour volume of $3,290,582.

13. Metahero (HERO)

A hyper-realistic metaverse that enables users to scan objects from the real world and themselves into the metaverse is what Metahero (HERO), a metaverse crypto project, aims to create. It was introduced in July 2021. The primary draw are the digitally recreated, highly accurate replicas of actual things. Assassins, enchanters, mentalists, and other occupations are also options for avatars.

On May 25, the Metahero team made a statement on the upcoming land sale for Everdome. Users who stored HERO in a non-custodial wallet between November 25, 2021, and the conclusion of the land auction period may be entitled to a discount. A BEP-20 token that resides on the Binance chain serves as Metahero’s native utility asset. Among other things, HERO will be used to pay for scanning services and interact with the metaverse.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

Wolf Digital World’s scanning technology will be used by Metahero to create 3D digital representations of individuals.

When it comes to 3-dimensional 16k photogrammetric scanning, Wolf Digital World is the market leader. Triple-A gaming studios and production teams like CD Project, which is behind the Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher series, utilise this technology. With the use of 3D scanning, it is now feasible to combine the digital and real worlds.

Things from the real world seem to take on a new digital shape. These items serve as representations for non-fungible tokens. The effects are extraordinarily lifelike since the crew behind the technical outpourings is already well-known in the fashion, music, and gaming sectors.

Increasing user interest in $HERO, Meta Hero’s native coin, is another goal of the cooperation. A number of cryptocurrency exchanges, including KuCoin, Gate.io, PancakeSwap, and others, list this ERC-20 token. Use Bitcoin wisely to trade Bitcoin with confidence if you are a newbie.

The Metaverse of Metahero is named Everdome, and it features a special coin called DOME. The DOME token from the Metahero project Everdome raised $9 million in its presale, indicating the concept has a sizable following.

PancakeSwap, OKX, LATOKEN, Gate.io, and other similar sites all provide HERO.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap

Current market capitalization for Metahero is $55,993,184, and its 24-hour volume is $4,195,840.

14. Enjin

Enjin is an initiative of a business that offers a blockchain-based gaming environment with a variety of products. The Enjin Network, a social gaming network that enables users to build websites and clans, communicate, and manage virtual goods stores, is the company’s main offering. It enables in-game assets to be tokenized using the Ethereum network by game developers.

The Enjin project has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until July 2017 and June 2018 that it was officially deployed on the Ethereum mainnet. Enjin Coin (ENJ), an ERC-20 compliant token that can be bought, sold, and exchanged with actual money using any Ethereum wallet, powers the ecosystem.

The major objective of Enjin is to be able to integrate into any application or game. Using ENJ as a form of payment or utilizing Enjin’s technology stack to create and integrate NFT capabilities might be advantageous for developers of games and applications in particular. Products made by Enjin may potentially be cross-ecosystem compatible and have a wide range of applications in other markets and games.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

The minting resource ENJ, which is sealed inside NFTs and removed from circulation, is present in every asset produced using the Enjin Platform.

Making the creation, distribution, storage, trading, and integration of tokenized digital assets simpler is the way to go. The growth of Web3 and metaverses, among other verticals, will place a greater emphasis on these resources. The foundation is also set for a more thorough gamified approach to the blockchain sector and all of its advantages. The platform enables users to make a variety of things, including websites, online shops, discussion boards, and game modules.

Numerous video games have incorporated Enjin or Enjin Coin over the years. They include games like War of Crypta Nestablesh, The Six Dragons, Space Misfits, and 9Lives Arena.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a brand-new, safe distributed ledger-based financial system. It was supposed to do away with banks and other financial institutions as the primary middlemen in a variety of financial transactions by letting consumers keep their assets in secure digital wallets.

The appeal of Enjin is clear, but it is up to users and developers to advance this ecosystem. Due in large part to its user-friendly technological stack, Enjin has seen amazing growth. Depending on how the data below is read, Enjin Coin (ENJ) has seen a slower uptake. Despite this, ENJ has reached a critical milestone for the project with its current user base of about 500,000. Unexpectedly, the tendency of opening new accounts is waning.

The development has slowed down since December 2021, and May 2022 doesn’t seem to hold out much optimism. Less than 200 new accounts are created daily, which isn’t much.

But ENJ whales are quite uncommon. More than a million ENJ, valued over $700,000, are owned by only 98 sites. More than 100 ENJ but fewer than 10,000 tokens are often held by users. Almost 173,000 wallets, or roughly 35% of all Enjin Coin wallets, have a balance of higher than 0 ENJ.

Enjin Coin (ENJ), if the positive trend holds, is predicted to reach $4.7 by 2023.

There won’t be any dramatic falls, but the increase will most likely be sluggish. While reaching $5 is ambitious given projected collaborations and advancements, it is absolutely doable soon.

An Ethereum-based cryptocurrency called ENJ is utilized to support the price of NFTs. Its main characteristics are tangibility, which means that every NFT supported by ENJ is generated with something of value and may be destroyed at any time, trust, which enables users to melt their NFTs back into ENJ at any time, authenticity, which is demonstrated by the ENJ contained within the NFTs, and authenticity.

Every other cryptocurrency, especially the most well-known ones, is not like Enjin Coin. Because ENJ is different from other companies on the market, this is a strong reason to invest in it. It is highly helpful for NFT enthusiasts.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap

Enjin Coin’s market cap is now $478,439,195, and its 24-hour volume is $63,974,354.

15. Moonbird NFTs

Another exciting NFT project to keep an eye on is Moonbirds. PROOF created the 10,000-item NFT collection called Moonbirds, which includes over 9,000 avatars.

They made their major collection debut in late April, and it became an immediate hit. Among the earliest owners of the Moonbirds collection were Jimmy Fallon and Beeple. Over $500 million has been raised for PROOF Collective, with more than $200 million coming in the first 48 hours of its first public offering.

Long-term owners have membership access and other advantages. The pixelated NFTs feature a variety of distinctive qualities. You may nest and lock NFTs from the convenience of your wallet.

With over $275 million in trading volume generated in only two days because to the original mint and secondary purchases, Moonbirds was one of the greatest launches we’ve ever witnessed in the NFT industry. After a few weeks, the amount reached around 470 million dollars.

According to market capitalization, these blue-chip NFTs, also known as Moonbirds, are the most well-liked and least volatile NFTs. Only one collection experienced growth, and that was Moonbirds, which increased by 22%. It’s noteworthy that Moonbirds’ market capitalisation shrank.

What this Metaverse Project Is About

Functionality and community building were the two major goals of Moonbirds when it was founded. For access to the channels’ private PROOF Discord, each Moonbird NFT acts as a separate, private key. All Moonbird-related drops, Parliament meetings, live events, and current PROOF projects will be available to you first.

The PROOF Collective is an NFT-based membership organization that was formed by software entrepreneur and current partner at True Ventures, Kevin Rose. Rose is a well-known NFT collector who turned his PROOF podcast into a private forum for NFT members exclusively. The NFT holders have access to events, free NFT drops, materials, and other bonuses.

The PROOF metaverse is referred to as Project Highrise at the moment. The Moonbirds sales proceeds will go toward building the metaverse.

The idea basically aims to replicate another successful picture for proof (PFP) endeavour, but it also provides Moonbirds owners with a wide range of additional advantages. Each Moonbird is made to provide entry to a private club in addition to its practical uses, with more benefits developing over time. Nesting describes the last stage.

Access to a Discord server connected with NFT is provided by holding a Moonbird. Once inside, the users of Moonbird will have access to secret channels where they can get information about upcoming drops, nesting, community activities, etc.

Two crucial decisions were taken by individuals engaged in the initiative after its successful launch. In order to grow its media and community activities, PROOF received a $10 million investment from Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six company. Proof COO Ryan Carson resigned after establishing an NFT investment firm called 121G and purchasing Moonbirds on the secondary market.

Statistics from CoinMarketCap

The current Moonbirds 24 hour volume is $71 and the current Moonbird price (MBIRD) is $0.004945.


When Facebook changed its name from Facebook to Meta (and its parent company from Facebook to Meta Platforms), the general public and the mainstream media began to discuss the Metaverse.

Matthew Ball, a venture entrepreneur, claims that the metaverse is a permanent online setting that causes the boundaries between real life and virtual reality to become foggy or blurry. A new grid of artists and infrastructure providers are rewarded in the metaverse, an online economy that is accessible around-the-clock. Not just another Call of Duty game, though. The interoperable in-game materials used to construct this economy make it distinctive.

Although Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has its own views about the meta and metaverse, the cryptocurrency social community believes that blockchain technology is a natural fit for this unique e-ecosystem. Early concepts for a cryptocurrency and NFT-powered economy may be seen in crypto games like Decentraland and The Sandbox.

In the Facebook metaverse right now, one may perform the following:

VR (Virtual Reality) Experiences

Put on a virtual reality headset, such as the HTC Vive, Valve Index, or even Meta/Oculus Quest, and join the internet. In this scenario, Steam’s VR software comes with a very own pre-installed virtual home. Meta is working on a plan action of developing a social centre for its virtual reality headsets.

Now, what exactly is VR Chat and how does it vary from Meta? In the pre-crypto game VR Chat, you may enter a room full of people using virtual reality headsets, pick an outfit, and dress up as any avatar, model, or role you desire.

On the other side, Meta wishes to improve its Horizon Worlds monitoring and targeting. That excludes it from the definition of the « metaverse. » Therefore, it will collect considerably more data on users than the extensive surveillance system used by Meta now, including biometric information on the most private characteristics of the human body. Another was for body-tracking gear, which could be used as an input controller and gather information on users’ locations or other bodily information.

A third patent would let customers of Meta « sponsor the appearance of an object » in a digital shop. With the use of these characteristics, Meta would be able to keep tabs on your attitudes and actions and customize your metaverse experience to get the best results for its business model.

In the current iteration of the Facebook app, « engagement » refers to reading, clicking, purchasing, or otherwise interacting with a piece of material.


According to a number of studies, Facebook/Meta has consistently optimized for engagement over time, even when that engagement involved potentially harmful content. This may suggest that Meta’s users are presently subject to a considerable increase in emotional impact.

Individual biometric response data from Meta’s machine-learning algorithms may have a substantial influence on user activity across the internet, not only in Horizon Worlds. A significantly wider variety of items is offered by even Google, whose revenue is generated exclusively by advertisements (80%).

For Android, the Play Store, or Chromebooks, there is no comparable to Meta. Its diversification efforts have regularly fallen short and have been managed poorly. Perhaps its greatest growth achievement was its bitterly contested acquisition of Instagram from the founders.


Based on emerging technology, metaverse NFTs have so far in 2022 been effective, promising lower costs and more efficacy.

In the near future, it is expected that such NFTs will continue to grow in popularity. NFTs, which live in a parallel reality, seem to be the topic of conversation for everyone. Every day, new NFT trends emerge in the market. As a result, keeping up with trending NFTs is practically hard for investors.

You may simply follow their performance and forecasts on any of the platforms listed below.

You’ll need Ethereum or Solana, depending on whose blockchain you’re using, in order to buy NFTs. With the aid of eToro, you may begin your adventure by adding credit to your wallet. You may start trading after making your purchase on websites like OpenSea and Crypto.com.

OpenSea is the most widely used platform for purchasing, selling, and trading NFTs. However, it is beneficial for more than just seeing a huge assortment of digital art. OpenSea is a helpful NFT program for monitoring, evaluating, and coming up with improvements to your investments in digital art.

Where Can To Buy the Best Metaverse Tokens?

1. eToro

Our list of the top places to buy any token of any metaverse in 2022 starts with eToro, a registered multi-platform that made its market debut in the financial markets in 2007.

You may purchase any NFT with no spread if you choose eToro. This implies that when you make an order, a fee based on the difference between the buy and sell prices of the token will be levied in place of the customary fees.

2. Crypto.com

Another excellent source of Ethereum and other metaverse tokens like Apecoin is Crypto.com.

As of 2022, Crypto.com is one of the most well-known and significant cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trade volume. Through its user-friendly platforms, it offers people a low-cost alternative to invest in crypto assets. It is a highly regulated cryptocurrency exchange, similar to eToro.

To do this, you must go through and finish a protracted verification procedure. After that, you may purchase tokens with your debit card. MasterCard and VISA are accepted on the exchange, which intends to hasten the adoption of cryptocurrencies throughout the world. The first 30 days after becoming a customer, new traders and investors can benefit from free trading.

Using the « Earn Tool » on Crypto.com, you may earn income on your idle cryptocurrency holdings. There is also a mobile wallet from crypto.com that supports more than 100 coins.

Additionally acting as an NFT Marketplace, Crypto.com enables users can utilize ETH and SOL to purchase various digital goods. If you use Crypto.com to purchase different tokens, you will join a community of over 10 million other users who have already done so.

Due to the exchange’s billions of dollars worth of daily trade, you would never experience any slippages.


We really hope that this ranking of the best Metaverse projects was useful. After successes like Decentraland (MANA), it’s understandable that investors are ready to back the following major metaverse project.

Except for those tokens linked to the metaverse arena, all tokens appear to have been impacted by the bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market. Investors were informed in a recent analysis by Kraken Intelligence that the price of Metaverse tokens has increased by roughly 400% year over year, despite the collapse of the rest of the market.

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